Hilton Parish Council needs your HELP!

Dear Residents,

Hilton Parish Council is in the process of producing a:

  • Community Response Plan for Civil Emergencies

Once completed this will be adopted by the Parish Council and will be used in the case of a Civil Emergency.
Hilton Parish Council needs to produce a Community Support plan as part of this document and we are looking for specialist, within the community in the following fields to come forwards as volunteers in the case of such an emergency:

  • Medical: Doctors (can be retired), Nurses (can be retired), Serving Paramedics, Serving British Red Cross Staff, Serving St John Ambulance Staff, Qualified First Aiders, Chemists, Vets and Veterinary Nurses (can be retired)
  • Police: Serving Police Officers, PCSO’s and Specials
  • Fire and Rescue: Serving Firefighters
  • And any other Volunteer or Organisation that feels they could help in such cases.

Hilton Parish Council also needs within the community the following specialist/residents and their equipment to volunteer in the case of any emergency:

  • Farmers who have resources that would be of assistance to the community in an emergency situation (eg) snow clearing equipment, tractors, diggers etc.
  • Radio Communicators who hold a radio amateur licence.
  • Boat Owners in the community where flooding could be a hazard to help in a flood/water rescue situation.
  • Residents who have generators that could be used in the case of an emergency.
  • Residents who may own any road clearance equipment such as JCB’s, Power Saws, Chains, Ladders, Lighting etc or anything that you think may be of assistance

If you think you could help and would like to put yourself forward as a volunteer, please contact the Parish Council Clerk: Mrs Clare Orme as follows to be added to the plan:

Tel Office: 01283 730969
Tel Mobile: 0771 9599132
Email: clerk@hiltonparishcouncil.org.uk