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Northwest Area Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Safer Neighbourhoods information and update:

Safer Neighbourhoods are all about you having a dedicated local team making your area safer, cleaner and a more pleasant place to live.  It may be you are fed up with anti-social and nuisance behaviour, for example. Or perhaps you have concerns about graffiti or vandalism?  Whatever the problem, Safer Neighbourhoods give you the opportunity to set the agenda in your area and help implement lasting solutions.

At our last Safer Neighbourhood Meeting, on Tuesday 18th June 2013, it was decided by members of the public that Graffiti would be our new priority.


Your next Safer Neighbourhood Meeting for the Northwest Area is

To be confirmed, this will be followed by the Council Forum meeting.

Safer Neighbourhood meetings give you as members of the community an opportunity to set the agenda in your area and help implement lasting solutions.

Changes to the team:-

Pcso Kate Bottomley 4592 has joined the team, replacing Pcso Karen Coldicott who has now moved to the Mercia area. Pcso Bottomley is an experienced PCSO and is fitting in well on the area.

Good news update for the area:-

  • The team have been working hard on the new priority set and have been changing some shifts to work until the early hours of the morning to conduct patrols which have been very successful in combating the issue.
  • A cannabis warning has been issued on Witham close Hilton.
  • A cannabis warning has also been issued in Etwall
  • A vehicle was seized at Dove Valley Park Foston for not having any insurance
  • A driver was arrested and their vehicle seized in Dalbury for excess alcohol and driving with an expired licence.
  • An arrest has been made in Hilton for x4 Thefts and burglary enquiries on going.
  • An arrest has been made in Etwall for an assault. Enquiries on going.
  • A fixed penalty notice was issued in Hilton for the person causing alarm, harassment and distress to person/s.


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For a PDF version of the report, with pictures, click here: Groundsman_2013_06

Once again it has been a very busy month with the lighter and  longer evenings, showing an increase in the amount of litter and assorted mess we have been tidying up.

The fact that the bin men decided that they are no longer going to take our side rubbish (without them giving us any warning) caused us some problems. Hopefully, this should be solved when we receive a second bin.

Wayne and I enjoyed being part of the Hilton Archaeological dig and hope that our findings will go some way to falling in the gaps in Hilton’s history. So thank you for the opportunity.

As a team, we are now well into our grass cutting routes and I am very happy with the way everywhere is looking.

The wildflower beds that were seeded in the spring of 2012 have really come into maturation now and look brilliant.

I am having less favourable results with the later seedings that I did as a comparison in the other beds.

Main Street Car Park planting now has its summer bedding in and I think it looks colourful and tasteful.

Also the gaps in the planting by the garage have been replaced and can be seen and enjoyed by anyone who cares to walk by.

Other maintenance like weeding, watering, cutting back, spraying, etc… are also in full swing.

So with lots already done and even more still to do, thank you for your time.

Sam Bevins (Groundsman to Hilton Parish Council) 14.06.2013

For a PDF version of the report, with pictures, click here: Groundsman_2013_05

Welcome to May’s Grounds man’s and Length man report.

May has been a very busy month for us all, with lots of work being undertaken, along with the usual litter picking and bin emptying.

I have also repaired the benches that had been vandalised and replaced the broken planks.

Wayne and I have made a new flower bed in the corner of the Meadow Lane football pitch and sown it with seeds that we have both collected from home.

I have also put in two planted circles with a Holly plant in each, which I intend to grow to around 6 to 8 foot and clip to a pleasing shape.

The bulbs and flowers that I have planted in the Parish Nature Area are coming on well and I hope to add to the bulbs with more planting in September.

We are also well underway with all of our grass cutting routes.

I have also been having a good tidying of the path that leads from Main Street car park to Percy Wood and redefining the edges of the path.

I have also made a start on painting the 5-a-side goal post along with other maintenance in and around the all weather pitch.

We, as a team, have made a start of trying to repair the fence on Back Lane play area but it has been a matter of doing the best we can with a fence that is really beyond help.

We have had a complaint from a resident on Thames Way about overhanging tree branches that they felt could cause problems to their garage roofs. We have therefore cut these branches off and stacked them as a nature pile.

Whilst working down there, we have been carrying out some more fence repairs, when time allows and will continue to do so until it is finished.

We have also put down some more chippings of the Scout car park. I am sure one day soon this job will be finished.

Last but by no means not least, I have been tidying and re-mulching the planted area by the garage. There are some plants that have not survived the winter and will need replacing at some time in the future.

Thanks for your time.

Sam Bevins

Grounds man to Hilton Parish Council.



For a PDF version of the report, with pictures, click here: Groundsman_2013_04

Welcome to my April Groundman’s report.

The following is some of the jobs we have undertaken since my last report.

I have had Tony trialling a foul weather barrow cover.

We also have had another bout of snow clearing and we managed to clear all the routes that we are supposed to.

I have also been carrying on with the repairs and maintenance to the planted areas on the Mease and Back Lane. The Mease is now been replanted with (reclaimed) plants which are slightly larger and hopefully will be more of a deterrent from people parking on there.

I have also mulched these beds with fresh bark chippings.

We are making very good progress with clearing the piles of stone chippings and spreading them over the Scouts car park.

By the time of the PC meeting, we should be well under way with our grass cutting.

I have also been filling in the holes in the goalpla with top soil and grass seeding it to prevent any sort of trip hazard on it.

Whilst doing this job, I have also been tidying and edging around the benches.

Thank you for your time.

Sam Bevins 15.04.2013


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Hilton Parish Council always works hard to ensure that the precept requested as part of your Council Tax is as low as possible. The village has seen a huge increase in population over the last few years and the Parish Council has worked with hard with South Derbyshire District Council to provide and maintain amenities for the residents of the village.

As such the Parish Council’s costs have increased to enable the maintenance and upkeep of these areas in the village. Hilton Parish Council receives its precept as a total figure (not an amount per house or resident). However the way in which the Precept is calculated for Parish Council’s in Derbyshire will change for the Financial Year 2013/2014 as follows:

On 26th November 2012, the Government laid new regulations in Parliament concerning the calculation of a revised Tax Base for the new Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTSS). As you may be aware from the recent consultation exercise across the area, LCTSS is the replacement benefit system for supporting pensioners, disabled and low income households with paying their Council Tax. This is due to be implemented on 01.04.2013.

The principal and subsequent calculation is quiet technical. The Tax Base of Parishes must now be adjusted to reflect the estimated effects of the District Council’s proposed LCTSS.

The new scheme will effectively provide a discount for households who will receive support (in much the same way as the single person discount). This will have the effect of reducing the overall number of properties liable for TAX.

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Hilton Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Clare Orme

 P O Box 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969 – Mobile 0771 9599132

20th December 2012


At the meeting held on 19th December 2012 the Parish Council resolved to explore how, as Trustee for the Village Hall Charity, it manages the day to day business of the charity and how it will communicate with users and other stakeholders. There continues to be a desire to provide a high quality facility that reflects the needs of the community. Initially the Parish Council will be looking to reintroduce specific meetings for hirers to provide a dedicated channel for them to express views and concerns about issues such as repairs, renewals and development. It will then explore how it can consult with the wider community to ensure that any changes reflect changes in usage requirements.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Clare Orme

Clerk to Hilton Parish Council


Tel Office: 01283 730969

Tel Mobile: 0771 9599132