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May has been a very busy month, with lots of different work undertaken and done,
A lot of it has been spent doing repairs after the latest bout of vandalism, which has included damage to the rubber matting on the play area and reattaching the play area sign to the playground on the village hall site.
In fact it feels like we have been under siege with the amount of antisocial behaviour.
The most time consuming and expensive repair has been to replace and attach the new padlock to the all-weather pitch gate, this padlock has been under attack since the last school holiday and in the end it was smashed off .Now only time will tell how long this new and more heavy duty lock will last ?.
In fact the all-weather pitch is being vandalised almost constantly, this can be having the prikka strips smashed off so the kids can then climb over or the bolts that hold the fence together being loosened and then the metal fence being bent back to gain access, Or just having glass beer bottles smashed on the playing surface.

We have replaced the broken and missing prikka strips and made a start repainting anti-vandal paint on the top of the all-weather pitch fence.
We have also had one of the bird boxes in the nature area smashed of the willow tree it was fixed to; luckily it wasn’t being nested in at the time.
Also some new graffiti has been painted on the skate park.

The work on the wild flower beds on the memorial meadow project have now been completed with all five of the beds being sown with the appropriate seed mix and if all should go to plan it should look great for the opening on the 4.8,2014
I have also been trying to keep on top of the grass cutting on this project which has been very hard work because of how uneven the ground is.
Over a three week period of working on this project Mark has been bitten twice by two different dogs, not enough to draw blood but enough to leave bruising.
I don’t think this is acceptable.
I have now taken out the old winter planting on the main street car park planters and replaced it with a sowing of pot marigold seeds after the success I had with them on the planter in front of the garage. I have also finished re-mulching our other planted areas.

I have also done the best I could trying to repair the fence on Back lane play area where the kids have broken it down.
It wouldn’t be a grounds man report without a mention of dog fouling; it is still rife in some areas and better in others.
Nearly all of the Hilton dog walker’s signs have either gone missing or have been vandalised.
That is all for this month.
Thank you for your time.


For a PDF version of the report, with pictures, click here: Groundsman_2014_04

Imagine a world where children run wild and have no respect for any thing or anybody, where swearing, spitting and antisocial behaviour is the accepted norm.

Imagine an even darker version of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, well there’s no need to use your imagination because all you have to do is come down to the village hall site and the skate park In particular on any warm day on a school holiday and this is the vision that will await you, but anyway on with some of the work we have been undertaking.

Mark has been making great progress with the work I have set him on the memory meadow project it’s been very hard work and his effort is very much appreciated .And should put me in good stead ready for the wildflower sowing in early may.

I’ve now put edging around the memorial stone and put bark mulch down and I feel this really has made a good impact, let’s just hope it doesn’t get vandalised.

We have also put up the latest batch of bird houses we have made.

Tony and me have now repaired and replaced the catch on the Back lane park gate entrance.

We are still spraying the dog fouling with orange paint that we encounter and have made a start erecting the pick up after your dog signs from Hilton dog walking group.

I have had to take down one of the wig whams that has been vandalised, it’s a shame but I felt it was the best and easiest action to take as it’s getting to be a very busy time of year.

I’ve started to spray weed killer where needed and I have also started the grass cutting routes that we undertake and I have started to re mulch some of our planted area’s stating on the mease.

Tony and I have been doing more repairs on the scout’s car park and I have decided to use concrete on some of the pot holes as gravel on its own just doesn’t do a good enough and lasting repair.

Whilst on about the scout’s car park we have had a incident where a lady in her car crashed in to the hazard cone’s we put in front of the council garage (no one was in the garage at the time), we put these cone’s there to try and protect our self’s from people running us over by putting them there as a barrier between the garage door and the road way in to the car park.

The speed at which some people come flying in is completely reckless.

Thank you for your time.










For a PDF version of the report click here: Groundsman_2013_12

Tony and I have been kept very busy tidying up after the recent high winds, and the new extra-long reach litter pickers have really come into their own, being able to reach litter that is stuck either too high or too far back for our normal pickers to reach.

This also helps with the noticeable increase in litter since the opening of the new “Retail Outlet” on Huntspill Road.

Mark has made a very keen and positive start in this short time here, for which I would like to thank him.

Tony’s help covering, when Wayne left and now with Mark’s absence, has been invaluable, so, again, a very big thank you to him.

Thank you also again to Anne for typing up these reports each month, and adding the photos I take for the reports, and for placing the orders I write out.

So, looking back over the year and all the work done, we can feel very pleased with all we have done and can look forward to a very well earned Christmas break and what I am sure will be a very productive 2014 with lots of work and projects to do.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a very healthy New Year.


Sam Bevins

This document and the Grant Aid form can be downloaded from here: Application Guidance – Graint Aid Form


1.     About the Hilton Parish Council Small Grant Scheme:

The Hilton Parish Council Small Grant Scheme is available in January 2014 to all local community groups, clubs and associations.


2.     Application procedure:

The application must be made on behalf of an organisation, group or society, and the cheque should be made payable to a registered bank account ie: school, sports club, youth club, residents association etc. If an applicant does not have a registered bank account other arrangements may be possible for another organisation to hold the funding.

For further information please contact the Clerk to Hilton Parish Council.

All completed applications should be submitted to: The Clerk of Hilton Parish Council, P O Box 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

All completed applications need to be received back by the Hilton Parish Clerk by no later than 10th January 2014

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

On receipt of a completed application form, the Clerk to Hilton Parish Council will check the application to ensure that the form has been completed correctly and all information requested is attached. The Clerk will then add your completed application to a list to be discussed at the Hilton Parish Council Meeting to be held on: 29th January 2014. Once the applications have been agreed in the meeting a cheque will be sent out made payable to the group and posted 1st class to the address corresponding on the completed form.

Please note that the amount you receive will depend on the amount of completed applications received. Hilton Parish Council only has £3,000.00 which will be dished out equally between the amount of completed applications received and agreed.


3.     Approved Hilton Parish Council Small Grant

 All small grants offered in January 2014 should be spent by no later than 31st December 2014 unless a deadline extension has been approved by Hilton Parish Council.

Hilton Parish Council will require a copy of all receipts which correspond to the small grant that you have received. The receipts and invoices should be sent to the Hilton Parish Council Clerk by no later than 31st December 2014.


4.    Condition of the Small Grants:

The applicant must sign and date the Application Form, once this has been signed and sent back you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Hilton Parish Council Small Grant Scheme.

a)     Hilton Parish Council will release the payment after their meeting to be held on 29th January 2014 providing the application is completed and all information requested i.e. copy of accounts, constitution etc. is received.

b)     This project must be completed and copies of receipted invoices must be provided to the Parish Council Clerk no later than 31st December 2014 unless an extension has been requested and agreed by Hilton Parish Council.

c)     The expenditure must relate to the requirements of the original application.

d)     If the above criteria is not met or completed, Hilton Parish Council reserves the right to recall any Small Grant.


Mill Lane Playing Field is in urgent need of refurbishment and Hilton Parish Council is currently considering the options available to improve the area.

Hilton Residents are invited to give their opinion on the options available before a decision is made.  If you would like to contribute your opinion then please download the following form and complete it fully.

The form also contains information on what to do next:


Thank you for your support.

Work will commence at the Hilton Village Hall site to tarmac and install a soak away on the rural path which runs between the Children’s Play Area and Skate Park, across the bottom of the School Field to Avon Way.

This area ONLY will be closed off from week commencing 28.10.2013 for roughly one week.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Thank you for your patience.


For a PDF version of this Report click here: Police Report 1310

Safer Neighbourhoods information and update:

Safer Neighbourhoods are all about you having a dedicated local team making your area safer, cleaner and a more pleasant place to live.  It may be you are fed up with anti-social and nuisance behaviour, for example. Or perhaps you have concerns about graffiti or vandalism?  Whatever the problem, Safer Neighbourhoods give you the opportunity to set the agenda in your area and help implement lasting solutions.


At our last Safer Neighbourhood Meeting, on Tuesday 18th June 2013, it was decided by members of the public that Graffiti would be our new priority.


Your next Safer Neighbourhood Meeting for the Northwest Area date is

At Hilton village hall, Wednesday 6th November at 18.15hrs, this will be followed by the Council Forum meeting.

Safer Neighbourhood meetings give you as members of the community an opportunity to set the agenda in your area and help implement lasting solutions.

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Hilton Parish Council has a vacancy for a Lengthsperson

Hilton Parish Council is seeking to employ a Lengthsperson.

  • 35 hours per week Monday to Friday
  • Starting salary will be £7.63 per hour.

Main Duties:

The main duties will include (but not restricted to):

  • generally keeping tidy the village by the removal of any litter in designated areas,
  • emptying all litter bins situated around the village that are the responsibility of Hilton Parish Council,
  • to clean away any broken glass on Parish Council land and to help the Groundsman with hedge cutting and strimming on Parish Council land when required.


  • Must be physically fit.
  • Flexibility in hours worked (to suit any Ground Maintenance requirements).


  • A full clean driving licence


For an Application Form and Job Description please email:

Closing date for applications is Thursday 19th September 2013

Applicants who are not contacted within 10 days of the closing date can assume their application was unsuccessful.

Interviews will be held on Monday 23rd September 2013


For a PDF version of the report, with pictures, click here: Groundsman_2013_07

With the hot weather and long days, we are being kept very busy tidying up and repairing after the “kids”, with lots of anti social behaviour in and around the all weather pitch.

It was only a matter of four hours before the new padlock that had been welded on the astro turf gate was vandalised by a group of young children who came along with a part of broken concrete slab and who tried to smash the lock off.

The Holly planting we have put in leading to the all weather pitch has also come under attack by being bent over and snapped (we have taped the stem back together) and having branches pulled off.

The planting by the garage has also had some damage with one of new replacement lavender plants being stood on and with one of the purple load flax plants being pulled out.

The rubber matting on the play area next to the village hall has also seen a lot of vandalism to its surface, but this has now been repaired by SDDC.

The playing fields, or football pitches, have also seen an increase in littering. Maybe this will be the school summer holidays when we see a community warden or a police presence around the village where most of these problems happen.

On to more positive events: I have cut the hedge around the bus stop opposite the King’s Head.

We have also made a start filling in the gaps in the fence on Mill Lane play area with chicken wire.

We are now slowing down on the grass cutting as the heat wave has slowed down its growth and lots of areas have just browned off.

Early mornings have also seen me spraying weed killer to areas I think need it.

Watering is a hard and time consuming job as we have to fill containers (which we have found) with water and then move them with our litter picking barrows, which is no mean feat considering the weight.

The flower bed we made in the corner of the meadow lane football pitch has now started to flower and lots of our other planted areas are looking great.


Sam Bevins (Groundsman to Hilton Parish Council)