Minutes of a Monthly Meeting of Hilton Parish Council

held at the Village Hall, Hilton at 7.00 pm

on Tuesday 30 April 2019



Councillors S Cooper (Chairperson), R Hudson (Vice-Chairperson), R Darlington and C Cuddington.

Also Present

Mr A Sharpe (Locum Clerk), County Councillor J Patten and 21 members of the public.

3088/19           Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence was accepted from Councillors E Johnson-Beale (Maternity) and S Pardner (Reason for absence – Out of country).

It was noted that Councillor M Smith had resigned from the Council after moving out of the area.

3089/19           Variation of the Order of Business


3090/19           Declarations of Interest


3091/19           Public Speaking

  • Public Matters

The Chairperson reminded members of the public that for data protection, legal and other employment law reasons the Council could not comment or answer questions relating to employees or employee payments. Other issues raised included the following-

A Member of the public raised issues in relation to the accuracy of the latest draft income and expenditure accounts as he believed that expenditure on the Mease car park should have been included which would effectively reduce the stated reserves.

A Member of the public asked about a recent grant decision as the group had not been informed of the outcome.  The Chairperson agreed to respond.

  • Police Matters





  • District Council Member Reports


South Derbyshire District Council Member, Councillor A Billings had submitted a report on matters relating to the village and other District Council matters.  Unfortunately it was not brought to the meeting so it was agreed to reproduce the report in full in the minutes as follows –

Path to Nowhere

Discussions by Officers with landowners and developers are continuing but as we have already discussed, due to the complexity of the current ownership, this is going to take some time to resolve.  Further to updates to follow as they become available.  I have received an e-mail from a resident raising concerns about the current state of the area including the dog waste etc which I have forwarded on to the Clean Team for urgent resolution.

Bren Way/Falaise Way Open Space

A resident has raised concerns about the length of the grass in this area and the impact on residents who regularly use it.  Officers at SDDC have confirmed that this space is un-adopted and unfortunately still in the ownership of Persimmon Homes.  I will ask Officers to pursue them for this area to be mown as soon as possible and I will also contact them directly.

Soar Close – Anti-Social Behaviour

I asked for an item to be added to the agenda regarding the benches that are currently at the end of Sour Close and their potential relocation.  There has been a persistent problem with anti-social behaviour with people congregating on the benches and this is having an impact on residents in the vicinity.  I have contacted the Police and they are going to monitor the situation and I have asked residents to ensure they report all issues however the Police suggested the Parish Council may wish to re-locate the benches to discourage the current behaviour”.

RESOLVED that the report be noted.

  • County Council Member Report


County Councillor Julie Patten attended the meeting and reported on County Council matters affecting the community and other local issues of interest including the position relating to the Wellbrook Medical Centre.




She would publish the full response from the CCG in due course for residents and Members to read.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

3092/19           Chairperson’s Report

The Chairperson informed the members that the Mease Pavilion Car park had now been completed and that the new gate on the Mill Lane playing field was being installed at present.

RESOLVED that the report be noted.

3093/19           Minutes

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the monthly meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 27 February 2019 and the Extra-Ordinary meeting held on Monday 18 March 2019 be approved as true records and signed by the Chairperson.

3094/19           Gift for former Clerk

RESOLVED that approval be given for a payment of £30.00 from the Chairperson’s allowance to purchase flowers for the former Clerk to thank her for her long service to the Council.

3095/19           Internal Audit Report and accounts 

The Clerk presented the Internal Auditors report for 2018/19.

It was noted that the accounts had been approved and there was only one matter to be drawn to the attention of Council relating to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group operating outside of the Councils Financial Regulations insofar as individual members placing orders and paying invoices from their own money and reclaiming from the Parish Council. This practice should cease and would be considered by the new Council after the elections.

Council were then asked to approve the Accounts for 2018/19


  • The internal auditors report be received and action noted to be taken in the matter raised which would be addressed by the new Clerk and new Council after the elections.


  • The Accounts be approved and signed by the Chairperson and Clerk/RFO.


Note – Councillor Cuddington asked that in the light of the comments made in public speaking concerning the Income and Expenditure Accounts and their accuracy his vote against accepting the Accounts be recorded in the minutes. This also applied to the Accounting Statements considered at minute no.3097/19.


3096/19           Annual Governance Statement 

Council were asked to approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2018/19.

RESOLVED that the Annual Governance Statement 2018/19 (Section 1 of the Annual Return), as now agreed be approved and signed by the Chairperson and Clerk/RFO.

3097/19           Accounting Statements

Council were asked to approve the Accounting Statements for 2018/19.

RESOLVED that the Accounting Statements 2018/19 (Section 2 of the Annual Return) be approved and signed by the Chairperson and Clerk/RFO.

Note – For the reason recorded in minute no. 3096/19 above, Councillor Cuddington asked that his vote against approving the Accounting Statements be recorded.

3098/19           Annual Return 2018/19

RESOLVED that the Annual Return be now sent to the External Auditor and the prescribed notices and accounts be published on the website and displayed on the notice boards.

3099/19         Finance 

Council received a report on payments to be made, by cheque and bank transfer.

RESOLVED that the payments by cheque and bank transfers now presented be approved as set out below.

  • Payments by cheque
003408 R Massey & Son Goods 4.67
003410 Hilton Village Hall Room Hire 63.62
003411 Rainbow Waste Waste Collection 168.34
003412 Cromwell Goods 39.95
003413 Aucuba Landscapes Maintenance 959.98
003414 A Sharpe Locum Clerk fees 390.95
003416 to 003420 Cllr Cooper, Cllr Hudson, Cllr Smith, Cllr Darlington Parish Allowances 1,162.60
003421 Cancelled
003422 Sterilizing Services Water Testing 96.59
003423 Information Commissioner Subscription 40.00
003424 South Derbyshire District Council Tree Report 550.00
003426 E Johnson Beale Parish Allowance 208.00
003428 Cromwell Black Sacks and Blue Roll 122.08
003429 Sterilizing Services Water Testing 68.39


003430 Cancelled
003431 Hilton Party on the Park Small PC Grant 244.98
003432 Hilton Scouts & Guides Small PC Grant 500.00
003433 1st Hilton Guides Small PC Grant 302.40
003434 Hatton United FC Small PC Grant 45.00
003435 The Writers Block Small PC Grant 321.00
003436 Hilton Lego Group Small PC Grant 200.00
003437 A Sharpe Locum Clerk Fees 115.35
003438 SDDC Dog/Litter Bins 3059.47
003439 B Wood Internal Audit Fees 170.00
003441 St Modwen Mease car park 42568.80
003442 R Massey & Son Goods 44.97
003443 Aucuba Landscapes Grounds Maintenance 381.32


  • Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Cheque 003398 for the Inland Revenue


Salary run for March 2019                                                                      

Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc.                        £7,444.67

NEST Staff Pension                                                                     £560.62

Salary run for April 2019                                                                        

Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc. Including Misc. HR Payment Chq 003425                                                          £18,540.07


NEST Staff Pension                                                                     £321.06

  • Other income and expenditure, Reserve/Contingency Budget and Bank transfers


Council noted and approved a summary statement of other income (from 2/1/19 to 28/3/19), other expenditure (from 1/2/19 to 26/3/19), final re-allocation of Reserve/Contingency budget and Bank transfers as detailed on the agenda.


3100/19           Planning

Council considered the following Planning Applications and made no comments or objections –

9/2019/0378 34 Sutton Lane Ground Floor extension
9/2019/0339 31 West avenue Single Storey Rear Extension
9/2019/0332 12 Wyston Brook Extension
9/2019/0215 16 Main Street Extension
Not applicable Derby Road Management of Sustainable Urban Drainage System
9/2019/0405 57 Main Street Extension


3101/19           Facebook

RESOLVED that the Council’s Facebook Account, which is at present linked to the former Clerks personal account be deleted and closed. The new Council would consider new arrangements after the elections.




3102/19           Date and Time of Next Meeting

It was NOTED that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be the Annual Meeting, which would be held at Hilton Village Hall on Wednesday 15 May 2019. This would be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting.

Note – the arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting are subject to change – Check the Parish website for details.

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