For a PDF version of the minutes click here: Minutes_2019_03E

Minutes of an Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Hilton Parish Council

held at the Village Hall, Hilton at 7.00 pm

on Monday 18 March 2019


Councillors S Cooper (Chairperson), R Hudson (Vice-Chairperson), C Cuddington (for part of meeting only), R Darlington, E Johnson-Beale and S Pardner.

Also Present

Mr A Sharpe (Locum Clerk).

3083/19           Apology for absence

An Apology for absence was accepted from Councillor M Smith (Reason for absence – Holiday).

3084/19           Declarations of Interest

Councillor C Cuddington declared a personal interest in the item of business relating to staffing matters and left the meeting.

3085/19           Next Scheduled Monthly Meeting

RESOLVED that the next monthly meeting scheduled for 27 March 2019 be cancelled.

3086/19           Exclusion of Press and Public

RESOLVED that the press and public be excluded from the remainder of the meeting as the items include the discussion of exempt information.

3087/19           Staffing Matters

Council considered a Staffing matter.

RESOLVED that the actions now agreed be approved.

(Note – This is a public summary of a private minute).


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