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Minutes of a Monthly Meeting of Hilton Parish Council

held at the Village Hall, Hilton at 7.00 pm

on Wednesday 27 February 2019


Councillors S Cooper (Chairperson), R Hudson (Vice-Chairperson), R Darlington, M Smith, C Cuddington and E Johnson-Beale.

Also Present

Mr A Sharpe (Locum Clerk) and 11 members of the public.

3064/19           Apology for absence

An Apology for absence was accepted from Councillor S Pardner (Reason for absence – Attendance at a funeral).

3065/19           Variation of the Order of Business


3066/19           Declarations of Interest

Councillor M Smith declared a personal interest in the agenda item relating to parking on Peacroft Lane (Minute no. 3071/19 (g)).

Councillor R Darlington declared a personal interest in the grant application from the Writers Block (Minute no.3077/19).

Councillor E Johnson-Beale declared a personal interest in the grant application from the Hilton Lego Club (Minute no.3077/19).

Councillor C Cuddington declared a personal interest in the agenda item relating to Staff Matters (Minute no. 3082/19).

3067/19           Public Speaking

  • Public Matters


  • Police Matters



  • District Council Member Reports


South Derbyshire District Council Member, Councillor A Billings had submitted a report on matters relating to the village and other District Council matters including suggestions for a Community Litter Pick that would be included on the agenda for the next meeting.


The precept rates set by the District Council, County Council and Fire Authority were also noted.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


  • County Council Member Report



3068/19           Chairperson’s Report

The Chairperson updated Members on matters of interest including reporting that the Village Clock had now been repaired.

RESOLVED that the report be noted.

3069/19           Minutes

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the monthly meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 30 January 2019 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairperson.

3070/19           Formal correction of minutes.


  • The Minutes of the meeting held on 19 December 2018 be amended to read “during public speaking a member of the public raised a financial matter”. (Note – This was to correct an error raised by a member of the public).


  • A note to this effect be added to the previously approved minute in the December Minutes.

3071/19           Report of the Clerk

  • Village Clock


It was reported that the village clock had now been repaired and that the company were to offer a 24 month warranty and 2 years free servicing. This offer would only commence after the clock had been fully working for 3 months to the satisfaction of the Council. It had also been confirmed that no special equipment was required to service the clock.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


  • Memorial Meadow


It was reported that the transfer of the land or long term lease agreement had been passed by the monthly planning review but were waiting now for the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Survey in order to progress further.


RESOLVED that report be noted.



  • Village Green


Council discussed the options for repairs needed to the self-close gate at the Village Green Children’s play area.


As part of the options available, Council considered the use of a company who had been suggested by one of the Members to produce a self-closer that would then have to be fitted by another company. After a vote Council decided not to pursue this suggestion but to accept a quotation that had been obtained from Streetscape for the work.


RESOLVED that the quotation now reported from Streetscape be accepted to replace the gate and an order be placed for the work to go ahead as a matter of urgency.


  • Timetable for Elections and Purdah


The Clerk reported on the timetable for the Parish elections to be held on 2 May 2019 and the restrictions on publicity during the pre-election period. Copies of the timetable and the guide to Purdah had been circulated to all Members.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


  • Election costs


No details of the possible election costs had been received from the District Council but it was believed a full election would cost between £4,000 and £5,000.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


  • Party on the Park


The Clerk reported that a request had been received that the Council cover the cost of insurance for the Christmas tree.


RESOLVED that before a decision is taken, the Clerk check whether the Council’s insurance would as a matter of course cover the insurance liability for the tree and also seek clarification if the organisers insurance might offer cover.









  • Parking on Peacroft Lane


(Councillor M Smith had previously declared a personal interest in this matter).


Residents’ concerns in relation to poor parking at Peacroft Lane were noted and Members suggested that the Council write to the Police, School and County Council to reaffirm those concerns and seeking assistance.


It was RESOLVED accordingly.


  • Local Green Space Plan


On update on the Local Green Space Plan consultation was received by Members. The consultation period was from 5 February until 5pm on 19 March 2019.


RESOLVED that the update be noted.


  • Day Trip


Members were asked to consider the possibility of organising of a day trip to Skegness for families in the Village.


RESOLVED that authority be given to the Clerk in consultation with Councillor Johnson-Beale to organise a day trip for families to Skegness.


(Note -The Locum Clerk was to provide details to Councillor Johnson-Beale of a similar scheme run by a local Council that he worked for).


  • Boundary Dispute


The Chairman reported on a boundary issue regarding the ownership and repair of a boundary fence at Peacroft Court. A plan had been provided suggesting that the responsibility for maintenance of the fence was the Parish Councils.


RESOLVED that the report be noted and that the Clerk undertake a local Search via the Land Registry to help inform further consideration of the matter.




3072/19           Planning Matters 

Council made no comments or raised any objections on the following live planning applications –


  • 9/2019/0139 – Bluebell House, Meadow Lane, Hilton – Alterations to roof to form new dormers.


  • 9/2019/0144 – 112 Welland Road, Hilton – Small Single Storey Extension.

3073/19           Neighbourhood Development Planning 

Council noted the Minutes of the meeting held on 11 February 2019.

3074/19           Reports from Councillors 

It was noted that the next Parish and Town Council Liaison Forum would be held on 3 April 2019 at County Hall, Matlock, commencing at 6.00 pm.

3075/19           Derbyshire Association of Local Councils

The DALC circular 3/2019 was NOTED.

3076/19           Finance

Council received a report on payments to be made, by cheque and bank transfer.

RESOLVED that the payments by cheque and bank transfers now presented be approved as set out below.

  • Payments by cheque


003399 G Rice Website Domain Renewal 23.98
003400 Sterilizing Services Water Testing 68.39
003401 Rainbow Waste Ltd. Waste Collection 181.97
003402 Hilton Village Hall Room Hire & Electricity Charge 373.69
003403 R Massey & Son 4Ltr White Spirit 11.98
003404 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Spiking and Hedge Cutting 478.66
003405 Gordon Brown Legal Firm Legal Fees 717.60
003406 Cromwell Mop Bucket and 2 x 5ltr Floor Cleaner 39.95
003407 R Pollard – Expenses Printing Costs – Neighbourhood Plan 2,272.80


  • Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Cheque 003398 for the Inland Revenue


Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc.                        £7,908.18

NEST Staff Pension                                                                      £560.62

3077/19           Grants

Council considered the applications for grants under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and RESOLVED to make the following awards or seek further information as set out below-

Organisation Detail Decision
Hilton Party on the Park Insurance Cover £244.98
1st Hilton Guides Skill packs/activity packs £302.40
Hilton Scouts and Guides Materials £500.00 – Scouts to be asked about options for storage off site.
Hilton Village Hall Replace small door and fell two trees Defer. If need funds later in the year will look at supporting them
Hatton United JFC Team subs benches £45.00
Hilton Dog Walking Group Advertising Defer for more information
The Writers Block Various £321.00 (plus amount held over of £179.00 which must be spent by end of March 2020)
Hilton Youth Group Various Minded to support as much as can. Defer to next meeting for further information.
Hilton Lego Club Set up costs £200.00


3078/19           Items for Information

The following items for information were noted –

  • Home Start – Volunteer Befriending Recruitment
  • Derbyshire Scam Watch – Look out there are scammers about
  • Rosliston Forestry Centre – Volunteers Needed
  • Rosliston Forestry Centre – Newhall Walk Thursdays 2pm to 3pm
  • Rosliston Forestry Centre – Winter Walk in Newhall 23.02.2019
  • Personal Advice and Solutions Ltd – Newsletter Employment Law Update January 2019
  • SDDC – Press release – Private Hire Driver found guilty of fraud


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


3079/19           Date and Time of Next Meeting

It was NOTED that the next monthly meeting of the Parish Council would be held at Hilton Village Hall on Wednesday 27 March 2019 commencing at 7.00 pm.

3080/19           Exclusion of Press and Public

RESOLVED that the press and public be excluded from the remainder of the meeting as the items include the discussion of exempt information.

3081/19           Update on Correspondence

The Chairman updated members on the latest position regarding a complaint.

RESOLVED that the report be noted.

(Note 1 – This is a public summary of a private minute).

(Note 2 – Councillor C Cuddington left the meeting at this point)

3082/19           Staff Matters

Council received a report on a staffing matter.

RESOLVED that the actions now proposed be approved.

(Note – This is a public summary of a private minute).



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