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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969



Date: 11.02.2019

You are hereby summoned to attend the next Meeting of Hilton Parish Council to be held at 7pm on Wednesday 27th February 2019 at Hilton Village Hall.


Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend. Members of the Public may make representation to the Council under item 4 Public Speaking according to the Council’s Standing Orders


Yours sincerely


CM Orme

Mrs Clare Orme

Clerk to Hilton Parish Council



  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. Variation of the Order of Business
  3. Declaration of Members’ Interests.
  1. Register of Interests: Councillors are reminded of the need to update their Register of Members Interests Forms
  2. To declare any Personal and Prejudicial Interest in items on the agenda and their nature. (Councillors with a Prejudicial Interest must leave the room at the relevant items). Where a member indicates they have a prejudicial interest but wish to make representation regarding the item before leaving the meeting, those representations must be made under item (c) Public Speaking below.
  1. Public Speaking.
  1. At the start of the meeting a period of not more than fifteen minutes will be made available for members of the public and members of the Council to comment on any matter already on the agenda.
  2. If the Police Liaison Officer, a County Council or District Council Member is in attendance they will be given the opportunity to raise any relevant matter. Members of the Council however will restrict Police matters they raise to those relating to their Council Ward.
  3. Members declaring a prejudicial interest who wish to make representation or give evidence under the Code of Conduct relating to Agenda items shall do so at this stage.
  1. Chairpersons Report


  1. To confirm the monthly minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on 30.01.2019


  1. Formal correction as per the minutes 19.12.2019- During Public Speaking the Council and the Clerk were also accused of Financial impropriety by a member of the NPSG Committee.

The Chair asked the person who raised this to explain their allegation but they failed to do so.


  1. Clerk’s Reports
  1. Approval of the Annual Service Agreement for the Village Clock – Previously reported under minute number 2161/18, 2178/18, 2216/18, 2238/18, 2262/18, 2784/18, 2798/18, 3019/18, 3051/19
  2. Update Memorial Meadow transfer of land or a long-term lease agreement – Previously reported under minute number 2784/18, 2798/18, 3019/18, 3051/19
  3. Self-close gate – Village Green Childrens Play Area on Main Street – Previously Reported under minute number 2798/18, 3019/18,3051/19
  4. Timetable for the Elections 2019 and Guide to Purdah
  5. Election Costs
  6. Party on the Park request for the Parish Council to cover the Christmas Tree insurance
  7. Poor School Parking on Peacroft Lane – resident concerns
  8. Consultation proposed submission Local Green Space Plan from 05.02.2019 to 5pm on 19.03.2019
  9. Delegated Powers for Cllr Johnson-Beale to pursue a day trip idea to Skegness
  10. Boundary Dispute Roma’s Garden


  1. Planning Matters for Decision


  1. Neighbourhood Development PlanningCllr Cuddington
  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 11.02.2019


  1. Reports from Councillors that have attended any other Meetings.
  1. Parish and Town Liaison Forum 25.04.2019 at County Hall Matlock commencing 6pm to 10pm


  1. Derbyshire Association of Local Councils


  1. DALC Circular 03/2019
  • Spring Seminar
  • Preparations for a no-deal Brexit and local elections
  • Final local government finance settlement
  • Parliamentary Inquiry into ethical standards in local government published
  • HR Advice on Short Service Contracts and Dismissals
  • Open letter to Councillors from NALC Chair
  • Great British Spring Clean 2019
  • Arnold-Baker on Local Council Administration 11th Edition
  • Clerk Tips


  1. Finance
  1. Accounts for Payment.
003399 G Rice Website Domain Renewal 23.98
003400 Sterilizing Services Water Testing 68.39
003401 Rainbow Waste Ldt Waste Collection 181.97
003402 Hilton Village Hall Room Hire & Electricity Charge 373.69
003403 R Massey & Son 4Ltr White Spirit 11.98
003404 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Spiking and Hedge Cutting 478.66
003405 Gordon Brown Legal Firm Legal Fees 717.60
003406 Cromwell Mop Bucket and 2 x 5ltr Floor Cleaner 39.95
003407 R Pollard – Expenses Printing Costs – Neighbourhood Plan 2,272.80


  1. Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Chq 003398 for the Inland Revenue

Description                                                                                                                  Amount

Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc                                                              £7,908.18

NEST Staff Pension                                                                                                       £560.62


  1. Grant Scheme under Section 137 – 2019
    1. Hilton Party on the Park – £244.98 Insurance Cover
    2. 1st Hilton Guides – £302.00 – purchase skills packs and unit meeting activity packs etc
  • Hilton Scouts and Guides – £772.24 – procure materials to rectify an assortment of Health and Safety concerns with the outdoor space.
  1. Hilton Village Hall – £2,000.00 – replace the small hall door and fell 2 trees
  2. Hatton United JFC – £45.00 – Teams Subs Bench
  3. Hilton Dog Walking Group – £300.00 – Advertising in the Hilton and Dove Life Magazine
  • The Writers Block – £321.00 – Various items – They are still holding £179.00 from last years grant and want confirmation if they can carry this over
  • Hilton Youth Group – £3,500.00 – Various items
  1. Hilton Lego Club – £200.00 – set up costs


  1. Items for Information
  1. Home Start – Volunteer Befriending Recruitment
  2. Derbyshire Scam Watch – Look out there are scammers about
  3. Rosliston Forestry Centre – Volunteers Needed 2nd/4th Tuesday of each month 10am to 3pm
  4. Rosliston Forestry Centre – Newhall Walk Thursdays 2pm to 3pm
  5. Rosliston Forestry Centre – Winter Walk in Newhall Saturday 23.02.2019 11am to 12 noon
  6. Personal Advice and Solutions Ltd – Newsletter Employment Law Update January 2019
  7. SDDC – Press release – Private Hire Driver found guilty of fraud


  1. To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the Public.


  1. Update on correspondence received, hand delivered to the Chair and advice taken – Previously reported under minute number 2225/18, 2244/18, 2268/18, 2789/18, 3008/18, 3029/18, 3058/19 – Local Government Act Schedule 12 a – Information relating to any individual. – Information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual. – Information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings.


  1. Staff Matters – Local Government Act Schedule 12 a – Information relating to any individual. – Information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual. – Information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings.



  1. Date of the next meeting
  1. The date of the next monthly Hilton Parish Council Meeting to be confirmed as 27th March 2019 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 7pm.

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