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held at Hilton Village Hall on

Monday 14 January 2019

at 7.30pm

Attendees:         Charles Cuddington                                        Margaret Cuddington

Russell Pollard                                                 Sian Davies

Martin Nield                                                     Christina Nield

Suzanne Campion                                            Jon Watson

Public:                1 person


  1. Apologies: Amy Plenderlieth
  2. Declaration of Members interest: Sian Davies & Christina Nield (Village Hall Comm)

The Chairman welcomed new member, Suzanne Campion, and returning member, Jon Watson.

  1. A question was raised by the public regarding the Environment Working Group and if it could be re-established to pursue Hilton issues.
  2. The minutes of the last meeting on 10 December 2018 were approved.
  3. It was agreed at our meeting with the Parish Council on Monday 7 January 2019, that we do not need approval to incur spend in line with the “Plan”. Delegated authority to proceed until the point where we need to submit the draft Consultation Plan to the Parish Council was agreed. A draft joint statement was proposed and awaits PC response.  PC is also considering whether to amend the PC GDPR policy or agree a specific GDPR policy for the NPSG. PC to ask for more information if required.
  4. SDDC meeting reinstated for 25 January 2019 with Karen Beavin & probably Kevin Exley  of the Planning Policy Group reporting to Tony Sylvester.

SDDC comments to be discussed at the meeting on 25 January.

Jon and Suzanne to review draft policies and SDDC comments and forward comments to Charles & Russell before the 25 January meeting.

  1. Traffic Survey Presentation.

Julie Patten and Richard Hanbury of DCC held a meeting with residents on 17 December 2018 at which the results of the traffic survey were presented. They took away the concerns of the Main St residents including:

No 3rd hump, Bollards along the pavement edge to stop parking on the pavement, Chicanes at each end of Main Street and Derby Road. Overall there was positive feedback from the community.

  1. The Second Survey (Engagement Working Group) to be printed and inserted in the March edition of Dove Valley Life. Proof needs to be with the Printer by the end of January.

It will also be displayed at the Village Hall and on-line (survey monkey) from 24 February for 3 to 4 weeks.   Paper copies will be delivered to all interested parties including the elderly residents.

The intent is to have an agreed Consultation Draft Plan for presentation to the PC by May 2019.

  1. Outstanding GDPR issues. Jon Watson asked what they were.

We have followed due process and have paper copies of the questionnaire in secure storage.

  1. Budget Update for December 2018.

Website Renewal                             £10

Dove Valley Life                                £30

Printing Quote                                   £2,500 less VAT

Locality money runs out at the end of March and we need to reapply. Forms take approx. 8 weeks to process. (£2000 requested in the Draft PC Budget to cover delay).

  1. Master Program Update

Covered in item 8 above.


Meeting closed at 9.00 pm.




The next meeting will be on Monday 11 February 2019 at 7.30pm, at Hilton Village Hall.

And, thereafter on the second Thursday of every month, subject to availability of a Room.


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