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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969



Date: 19.11.2018

You are hereby summoned to attend the next Meeting of Hilton Parish Council to be held at 7pm on Wednesday 28th November 2018 at Hilton Village Hall.


Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend. Members of the Public may make representation to the Council under item 4 Public Speaking according to the Council’s Standing Orders


Yours sincerely


CM Orme


Mrs Clare Orme

Clerk to Hilton Parish Council



  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. Co-option of a Parish Councillor – Steven Pardner
  3. Variation of the Order of Business
  4. Declaration of Members’ Interests.
  1. Register of Interests: Councillors are reminded of the need to update their Register of Members Interests Forms
  2. To declare any Personal and Prejudicial Interest in items on the agenda and their nature. (Councillors with a Prejudicial Interest must leave the room at the relevant items). Where a member indicates they have a prejudicial interest but wish to make representation regarding the item before leaving the meeting, those representations must be made under item (c) Public Speaking below.
  1. Public Speaking.
  1. At the start of the meeting a period of not more than fifteen minutes will be made available for members of the public and members of the Council to comment on any matter already on the agenda.
  2. If the Police Liaison Officer, a County Council or District Council Member is in attendance they will be given the opportunity to raise any relevant matter. Members of the Council however will restrict Police matters they raise to those relating to their Council Ward.
  3. Members declaring a prejudicial interest who wish to make representation or give evidence under the Code of Conduct relating to Agenda items shall do so at this stage.


  1. Chairpersons Report


  1. To confirm the minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on 24th October 2018.


  1. Clerk’s Reports
  1. Update on the Village Clock – Previously reported under minute number 2161/18, 2178/18, 2216/18, 2238/18, 2262/18, 2784/18, 2798/18
  2. Approval to purchase a desk top computer with antivirus package and office system for the Admin Assistant – Previously reported under minute number 2784/18, 2798/18
  3. Update Memorial Meadow transfer of land or a long-term lease agreement – Previously reported under minute number 2784/18, 2798/18
  4. Tree Report and work required and the authorised felling of an Ash Tree on the back Lane Field to be revisited in light of new information – Previously reported under minute number 2784/18, 2798/18
  5. Self-close gate cost to replace £1,535.00 ex VAT – Village Green Childrens Play Area on Main Street – Previously Reported under minute number 2798/18
  6. Zurich Risk Assessment Report Hilton Village Hall Site – Email from SDDC 09.11.2018
  7. Updated on the CCTV repairs – Previously reported under minute number 2798/18
  8. SDDC – Free trees to be collected from Rosliston Forestry Centre on 29.11.2018
  9. SDDC – Community Payback work for the winter months, including path clearance, litter picking, indoor decorating
  10. Directory of where defibrillators are in the village and what geographical area they cover
  11. Request from Hilton Cricket Club for Hilton Parish Council to be involved in a series of world cup themed events between 7th and 9th June 2019 to celebrate the Cricket World Cup coming to England to make it a real community event
  12. Approval does Hilton Parish Council want to put on a community Firework Display in November 2019
  13. Parish Council small grant scheme and advertising
  14. Request from PTFA – Donation of £30.00 gift card for the raffle at the Christmas Fayre
  15. Approval for Party on the Park to be held on 06.07.2019 – approval to use the Back Lane Field, Astro Turf, The Parish Council Car Park and the area around the Skate Park
  16. Insurance Cover for the Christmas Tree on Roma’s Garden for Party on the park – Parish Council insurance does not cover this
  17. Confirmation that the Councils Insurance has been updated to include the Village Clock
  18. Request from Hatton PC to join forces to tackle Dog Fouling – Would the Parish Council be willing to contribute towards the cost of 40 posters


  1. Planning & Highways Committee – Cllr Cooper, Cllr Smith and Cllr Cuddington
  1. SDDC – Consultation: draft Local Green Spaces Plan consultation from 08.10.2018 to 5pm on 19.11.2018 – ratification of comments submitted on 16.11.2018 as per the Clerks emails


  1. Other Planning Matters for Decision


  1. Engagement Committee – Cllr Hudson, Cllr Darlington, Cllr Johnson-Beale, Cllr Cuddington
  1. Big Red Poppy & Remembrance Day Event – Previously reported under minute number 2178/18, 2216/18, 2238/18, 2262/18, 2784/18, 2798/18
  2. Update and ratification on spend as per complete budget of £250.00 – £236.80 spent inc. VAT
  3. New website
  4. Parish Forum to be held on 06.12.2018 at 7.30pm to 9pm, Hilton Village Hall – Which Councillors will be in attendance (minimum 2 Councillors)
  5. Parish Forum to be held on 19.12.2018 at 6.30pm to 7pm for mince pies – Which Councillors will be in attendance. (minimum 2 Councillors)


  1. Neighbourhood Development PlanningCllr Cuddington
  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 12.11.2018
  2. Traffic Survey update – Cllr Cuddington
  3. Group not currently constituted properly – approval of other Councillors to sit on the Neighbourhood Planning Group as per the Terms of Reference


  1. Reports from Councillors that have attended any other Meetings.
  1. Minutes of The Mease Management Committee Meeting held on 03.11.2018
  2. Next meeting of The Mease Management Committee Saturday 15.12.2018 at 10.30am at The Mease
  3. Letter received from The Police & Crime Commissioner in relation to the state of The Mease car park and the height barrier signage


  1. Derbyshire Association of Local Councils


  1. DALC Circular 15/2018
  • DALC Spring Seminar 2019
  • Clerk Essential Training – 10 January 2019 – 10am – 12.30pm, Cromford
  • General Power of Competence Update
  • Exemption of Public Toilets from Business Rates – Support requested
  • Subscription fees 2019/20
  • Latest Guidance on Accessibility to Websites and Mobile Devices
  • NALC Digital Mapping Toolkit
  • Weather Ready


  1. Finance
  1. Accounts for Payment.
AUGUST 2018        
003356 Western Power Connection of Village Clock 508.38  
003357 Gordon Brown Law Firm Legal Fees 1440.00  
003358 Zurich Municipal Van Insurance 628.30  
003359 Rainbow Waste Management Co Ltd Waste Collection x 3 bins 172.80  
003360 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Ground maintenance – Spiking of Pitches, Roma’s Garden and The Village Green.


003361 Cromwell Refuse sacks and winter gloves 124.71  
003362 R Massey and Son Ltd Combo Locks x 3 109.97  
003363 Cancelled      
003364 B Wood Interim Audit 2018/2019 106.20  
003365 Heritage Wood Plaque 50.00  
003366 Sterilizing Services Ltd Water Testing September & October 136.78  
003367 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Maintenance VH Site 479.99  
003368 Hilton Village Hall Room Hire 23.86  
003370 R Darlington Rose Petals, napkins, paper plates and cups for Remembrance event 113.98  
003371 G Rice Website/email hosting and maintenance 50.00  


  1. Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Chq 003369 for the Inland Revenue

Description                                                                                                                  Amount

Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc                                                              £7,697.50

NEST Staff Pension                                                                                                       £560.62


  1. Completion of the limited assurance review for the year ending 31.03.2018
    1. External Auditors Report – Agency Staff Costs to be coded to Other Payments and not Staff Costs – DALC are taking this up with PKJ Littlejohn LLP
      1. Approval to recalculate the figures on the Annual return as per the External Auditors report as at 31.03.2018 and put the figures as advised on the annual return for 2018/2019
      2. Approval to code in the accounts as now for transparency but coad the correct figures to the annual return as advised by the External Auditor.


  1. Approval of the Internal Auditors Report – 07.11.2018


  • Approval to increase the Clerks delegated powers from £500.00 back to £1,000.00 ex vat


  1. Items for Information
  1. Clerk and Council Direct Magazine – November 2018
  2. SDDC – Press release – Hundreds of Opportunities up for grabs at Skills Festival
  3. SDDC – Press release – South Derbyshire rubs shoulders with global powerhouses after winning an international award
  4. DCC – Applying for your child’s infant and primary school places 2019/2020 – a summary
  5. SDDC – Press release – Switch-on of the Christmas Lights – Friday 30.11.2018, Swadlincote Town Centre
  6. SDDC – Child Sexual Exploitation, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking poster
  7. SDDC – Press release – Christmas Hamper appeal to help those in need
  8. SDDC – Press release – First spade in the ground at the new Council housing site
  9. SDDC – Press release – South Derbyshire to mark the centenary of World War One
  10. SDDC – Press release – And the winner is…… Sporting heroes crowned at award ceremony
  11. Thank you letter from Burton Soup Kitchen for donations of Groceries and toiletries from the Big Poppy Food Appeal
  12. SDDC – Press release – Businesses encouraged to be part of small business Saturday
  13. SDDC – Press release – Permanent tribute unveiled for suffragette and rebel
  14. SDDC – Press release – Countdown to the spectacular Swadlincote Christmas Lights Switch On


  1. To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the Public.


  1. Update on correspondence received, hand delivered to the Chair and advice taken – Previously reported under minute number 2225/18, 2244/18, 2268/18, 2789/18, 3008/18


  1. Grounds Maintenance and Hedge Cutting Contract – Previously reported under minute number 2790/18, 3009/18


  1. 11 emails received from a resident – content and replies


  1. Scout Lease Agreement and proposed extension – Previously reported under minute number 3010/18


  1. Staff Matters


  1. Staff Pensions – increases as of 06.04.2019
  2. Staff Pension – Approval Pension Scheme Certification 2018
  3. Resignation and replacement of a member of staff


  1. Date of the next meeting

The date of the next monthly Hilton Parish Council Meeting is to be confirmed as 19th December 2018 2018 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 7pm.

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