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held at Hilton Village Hall on

Monday 12 November 2018

at 7.30pm


Attendees:          Charles Cuddington                                         Amy Plenderlieth

Russell Pollard                                                   Sian Davies

Martin Nield                                                       Christina Nield

Margaret Cuddington


Public:                                   None

  1. Apologies:                 Rachel Wallace
  2. Resignations: Amy Plenderlieth (as Chair),  Jon Topham
  3. Sian Davies elected as new Chair
  4. New members: Martin Nield                       Christina Nield

We welcome our new members Martin and Christina Nield and thank Amy very much indeed for all her efforts in supporting the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.  We wish her well in her new career and hope to see her at some of our meetings in the future.  We also thank Jon Topham for his past support.

As the last meeting was non quorate there are no minutes, but the minutes of the previous meeting of 10 September 2018 were approved.

  1. The meeting held with Peter Black which Russell Pollard, Martin Nield and Charles Cuddington attended went very well. Peter has been involved in town planning countrywide for the last 20 years.  It was agreed that we would contact him in the New Year for further guidance.  There is money in the budget to cover his fee.
  2. The meeting with the Planning Policy team from SDDC was well received, and, they are keen to support us and explore all the options. They have been involved with Repton and Melbourne, but unlike those plans, we qualify for extra technical support because the Local Plans call for a further 500 houses. AECOM, the Locality appointed company to carry out this work, suspended work because SDDC did not respond.  Karen (our direct line contact) addressed this straight away.  AECOM are progressing a Housing Needs assessment for the Designated Area.  Kevin Exley was keen to update the potential Local Green Spaces in Hilton as a result of our survey. As a result, more green spaces have been added to those identified in the SDDC consultation document. The NPSG has made a formal response to the consultation citing the 95% of respondents supporting green spaces.  It was agreed that we would send through our draft policies and a further meeting would be held before Christmas. They want to deal directly with us rather than through Ian Hey.


  1. Feedback from Engagement Working Group

Traffic Survey Results analysis was agreed by NPSG for use in the next communication.

Plan for regular communication of survey results to residents is still on target.

  1. Leisure and Education(9) included in the Buy Off of the Survey analyses.
  2. Buy Off of the draft policies was agreed by the meeting. They will be presented to SDDC .
  3. Community Involvement Plan – there has been no input, however SDDC advice is for Aspirational Policies to be all in one Plan. This will form part of the Neighbourhood Plan now.
  4. Hoon Hay Farm gas project has presented its plan for development, and it is not considered to be a part of the Housing Development Area.

The next  meeting will be on Monday 10 December  at 7.30pm, at Hilton Village Hall.


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