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held at Hilton Village Hall on

Monday 10 September 2018

at 7.30pm


Amy Plenderleith                                              Sian Davies

Charles Cuddington                                         Margaret Cuddington

Russell Pollard                                                   Beccy Salmon


Public:                   None

  1. Apologies: Rachel Wallace, Jon Topham, Peter Williams
  2. Declaration of Members interest Sian Davies is also on Village Hall Com.
  3. Public Speaking –               None

(At the start of the meeting a period of not more than fifteen minutes will be made available        for members of the public and members of the Council to comment on any matter       already on the agenda).

  1. Minutes of the last meeting on 13 August 2018 approved.
  2. The Presentation, on Monday 3 September, to the Survey “winners” was well attended, and many thanks to Rachel for providing the delicious cake.
  3. Working Groups Feedback.

Unfortunately because of constraints of school holidays, personal work issues, etc. not all Working Groups were in a position to give the meeting their feedback

The Housing Working Group have made some headway but analysing the results in the spreadsheet is probably best done by one person.

It was agreed that Charles would circulate the early ‘lessons learned’.

A volunteer (Howard Bott – Analyst) has offered his help to any of the Groups.  We are accepting his offer, as his expertise will be very helpful in producing the necessary spread sheets.

  1. Engagement Working Group have circulated “Thank you leaflets” to various village groups for those who do not have access to IT equipment, it also addresses the “next steps” which will be taken, going forward. Responding to e-mailers re suggestions. An article will appear in next month’s Dove Life magazine.
  2. Traffic Survey results have now arrived. Teasing out the data the Transport Working Group needs as well as the SG will require some effort. DCC have been asked some clarifying questions with some more to come. Feedback will be given at the next meeting.
  3. Status of AECOM work. The research questions on the Housing Needs Assessment have been agreed.  Depending on the outcome of the Housing Needs Assessment, site allocation and engaging with landowners (via SDDC) may have to be revisited.
  4. John Port/Youth Group action.  Charles talked to Sandra again. The Committee feels the Youth Group is not the correct forum to address this sort of thing as we discovered with the initial stage of the survey. The problem with John Port is because their catchment is so widespread that they can’t be seen to favour one village over another. Although Hilton is still one of their biggest feeders schools/villages anyway.

Tom Ephgrave, Secretary of HYG and former 6th form student has offered to get in touch with some members of staff at John Port. He does think it would be something for the student council to jump into because it is made up of the sort of young people that would give their time to do this sort of thing.

It was suggested that a generic survey could be run at John Port. The results could be accessed by any of the areas/villages served by John Port enabling Hilton, Marston and Hoon to use the survey results pertinent to them.

  1. The meeting agreed not to use Planning Design as they were conflicted with the Developers. We will use SDDC after analysis of the Survey.
  2. Budget Update – SDDC have still not produced the Grant (approach Ian Hey?). Perhaps it needs a “formal Draw Down” from the Government.
  3. Joe Dugdale is being postponed until November – he will NOT be at the October meeting.
  4. The Working Groups need to have drafts ready for the next meeting, pie charts, etc. –


The next meeting will be on Monday 8  October 2018 at the Village Hall at 7.30pm.


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