Willington Parish Council has long been opposed to the impending car parking charges imposed by Derbyshire County Council, the owners of Willington Picnic Site Car Park.

The Parish Councils objections have proved futile and Derbyshire County Council appear insistent on moving forward with their plans. The Parish Council have formed a Car Park Advisory Group, (CPAG), which consists of both Parish Councillors and members of the public.

In the short term The Car Park Advisory Group will meet fortnightly,

The Old School
Castle Way
DE65 6BT

Next meeting 31st July 2018 at 7:00pm
(7.30pm for Public access)

The Car Park Advisory Group is currently working on a range of initiatives, including;

  • Lobbying the local County Councillor Martyn Ford.
  • Supporting a local petition, opposing the implementation of parking charges.
  • Exploring opportunities to manage the car park should the petition prove unsuccessful.
  • Liaising with neighbouring Parish Councils to seek their support.
  • Liaising with local businesses and community groups.
  • Exploring the possibility of forming a ‘Community Benefits Society to manage the car park.
  • Liaising with car park management companies to minimise potential impact.
  • Conducting a car park usage survey and gaining user feedback.
  • Conducting a more in-depth car park survey, using ANPR technology.
  • Advertising the work of the group to seek wider public support.
  • Highlighting the wider implications of parking charges and the undoubted impact this will have on neighbouring roads within the locality.

The next meeting of The Car Park Advisory Group will take place on 31st July, 7:00pm, The Old School, Castle Way, Willington. However please note this particular meeting will commence with an exempt item and will not be open to the public until 7:30pm.

Information can be obtained from Willington Parish Councils web-site, Facebook page and Parish noticeboards.

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