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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969








Cllr Cooper (in the Chair)

Cllr Hudson, Cllr Darlington, Cllr Cuddington Cllr Campion and Cllr Johnson Beale


2 District Council Representatives, 1 County Council Representative and 7 Members of the Public attended the meeting.




  1. Minute Number 2227/18 – To receive apologies for absence


Resolved: Apologies were received and accepted as follows:

  • Cllr Hall due to childcare issues
  • Cllr Smith due to annual leave
  • Cllr Cuddington reported that he would be late but would be in attendance at the meeting later.


Cllr billings


  1. Minute Number 2228/18 – Variation of the Order of Business


There were no Variations to the Order of Business.


  1. Minute Number 2229/18 – Declaration of Members’ Interests.


There were no Declarations of Members Interests.


  1. Minute Number 2230/18 – Public Speaking.


Minute Number 2230/18/A – Public Speaking


Members of the public raise the following matters:

  • There were 2 people for co-option at the last meeting but there is no mention of the other person in the minutes. The Clerk replied that only the resolution is in the minutes. Cllr Hudson asked why this was an issue, the resident replied they are not a true record. The Chair explained that the minutes are the minutes of the Clerk and are not verbatim.
  • The hedges are overgrowing the footpath, passed the bus shelter by the pub on Egginton Road. Cllr Hudson and Cllr Johnson-Beale replied that the new owners probably did not know that this was their responsibility, they offered to speak to the owners.
  • The purchase of copier paper and stamps is on the agenda for approval, why. The Clerk replied that we are doing a lot more printing and copying.
  • Engagement has come a long way and that’s good but we need to be engaging and working with other groups to get the community working together. The Chair thanked the resident for his comments.

Minute Number 2230/18/B – Police Representatives Report


There were no Police Representatives present at the meeting and there was nothing to report.


Minute Number 2230/18/C – County Council Representatives Report


Cllr Patten gave her report as follows:

  • We are meeting at Hilton Village Hall on Saturday at 1.30pm to 3pm to remove fly posters around the village. Please come and join us if you wish to help, it has been advertised on Spotted Hilton. It was agreed that Cllr Patten could take any big posters to Cllr Hudson for the Parish Council bin.
  • Can the Parish Council consider having a notice board on the Main Street car park again? I have funding available to help if the Parish Council agree. He Chair replied that this forms part of the Communication Plan and the Parish Council will be looking at this in the future.
  • Scrutiny Committee would be looking at play areas around the district to establish what’s where and in what condition. They were also looking at condition of their Council properties and if complaints have been made about neighbours.
  • New directional signs were now in place at either end of the village. This was to try and direct traffic down The Mease. We need to give this a chance to see if it works before we can look at anything else.
  • The new hump on Main Street will be advertised in the newspaper on 05.07.2018 till 26.07.2018, if there is no negative feedback the order will be issued.
  • Finally, I have spoken to the resident with the cultivation license on Uttoxeter Road and they are agreeable to wildflower planting.


The Chair asked Cllr Patten about the request to hold a public meeting with concerned residents with issues about Main Street. It was agreed that a meeting could be arranged after the traffic report survey had been completed around September/October time. Cllr Plenderleith reported that the equipment for the traffic survey was installed on Monday and would be in for 4 to 6 weeks, the information then had to be collated and the Neighbourhood Planning Group would look over the information once received in the first instance.



Minute Number 2230/18/D – District Council Representatives Report


Cllr Billings sent his apologies.


Cllr Plenderleith gave her report as follows:

  • A couple of months ago I had a complaint about the Avon Way Park, I have since had a further email from the Clerk. This matter has been passed over to Gaynor Richards who has been trying to contact the developer. If they do not respond to her she will progress this through the legal route.
  • To follow on from Cllr Patten’s report the Scrutiny Committee will also be looking at which play parks are still under the ownership of the developers and if these are maintained and in good condition.
  • I have attended a meeting with St Modwen on Monday along with Cllr Billing, they are looking to start the new school end August to be completed to be by June next year.
  • At the Planning Committee Meeting last Tuesday the St Modwen’s planning application on the business park was refused, Cllr Billings took this forward. However, they may appeal this decision. St Modwen will not leave the site once they have finished they will stay on as a management company.


  1. Minute Number 2231/18 – Chairpersons Report


The Chair gave his report as follows:

  • I missed in my Chairs Annual Report last month to thank our webmaster Greg Rice who works really hard throughout the year maintaining and keeping our website up to date, thank you to our Webmaster.
  • I wish Party on the Park all the best and I hope everybody who attends has a great fantastic day.


  1. Minute Number 2232/18 – Cllr Cuddington – Signing of the Acceptance of Office Form and review of the Declaration of Members Interest form


Resolved: To defer this matter as Cllr Cuddington had not yet arrived.


  1. Minute Number 2233/18 – To confirm the minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on 30.05.2018.


Resolved: The Minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 30th May 2018, were approved and signed as a true record.


  1. Minute Number 2234/18 – Neighbourhood Development Planning – Cllr Cuddington
  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 25.06.2018

There was nothing to report that minutes had not been circulated to the Councillors had they had not yet been received.


  1. Traffic Survey – Cllr Cuddington

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, we have now reached agreement with DCC on the Traffic Survey for Hilton. This will take place next week.

The equipment will be installed on Monday 25.06.2018. Various data will be recorded: Volume and classification of traffic flows through video, speed through radar units and journey times through Bluetooth.

I do not have an up to date map of the location of the equipment as we have changed it from the original proposal.

The locations are: video at roundabout by Talbot Turf, Hilton Garage, Sutton Lane junction and Derby Road/Uttoxeter Road junction I.e. at western end of the village.

Speed detection on Derby Road, Main Street, the Mease and Derby Road west of Marston Lane. Bluetooth units on A5132 before Talbot Turf Roundabout, Egginton Road after Equestrian centre, Mease, and Derby Road by Marston Lane.


I do not have a date as to when the data will have been analysed and feedback to us.


  1. Minute Number 2235/18 – Communication
  1. Parish Council Stall at Party on the Park – SDDC putting together No Call Calling Stickers, Purse Bells, Children’s high vis snap bands, leaflets etc.

The Clerk reported that Chris Smith the Communities Manager at SDDC would be sending the Parish Council a box of giveaways, including No cold calling stickers, Purse bells, Kids high vis snap bands and stickers and some Join NHW leaflets. He can not provide smart water packs but could supply UV pens, which pretty much do the same thing but are a lot cheaper. They only tend to supply DV services with the personal attack alarms these days as a lot of people don’t carry them even when they are given them.

Resolved: Cllr Hudson and Cllr Johnson-Beale to look at obtaining a sample of Smart Water, to take pre-orders at Party on the Park. Once the Orders are received the Parish Council will purchase the Smart Water and sell it at a cost of £20.00 each pack.


  1. Public Meeting with DCC re Main Street issues

Already discussed in public speaking above.


  1. Engagement with other Groups

This was raised in public speaking above.


The Chair reported that the Parish Council could look at having Group detail pages on the Parish Council Website. We could look into having a trade association which holds a couple of meetings per year to get groups together. Cllr Campion replied that the advert in the Hilton and Dove Life Magazine for the Forums and Coffee Mornings could be more interesting for example it could have topics for discussion.




Cllr Johnson-Beale replied that she would be interested in a collective group of groups. We could get a sub group going to invite the people/groups and get brain storming about what we want to do and what we want to get out of it. Initially we could see what everyone else wants to do. Maybe we write to all the groups to start with to have an initial meet and then move forward from there.

Resolved: The Council and Clerk to look at setting something up to get the groups together.


  1. Which Councillors will be available for attending the July Coffee Mornings and Parish Forum
    1. Coffee Morning 10.07.2018

Resolved: Cllr Darlington and Cllr Campion to attend the above Coffee Morning.


  1. Parish Forum 12.07.2018

Resolved: Cllr Cooper, Cllr Johnson-Beale and possibly Cllr Campion to attend the above Parish Forum.


  1. Minute Number 2236/18 – Reports from Councillors that have attended any other Meetings.
  1. Cllr Johnson-Beale Report – Re Etwall Area Forum 06.06.2018

Resolved: the following report was emailed to all Councillors in advance of the meeting. Hilton Parish Council agreed for the report to be added to the minutes for information.


Lots of interesting items at the forum on Wednesday night.


Planning: permission granted for St Modwen on a further 177 houses at The Mease development. Discussion surrounding the proposed new school. Apparently, the trigger point has not been reached yet (this is 150 and the development is on the 80th home). The situation regarding Wellbrook is ongoing however the new Etwall Housing site has secured funding for Wellbrook.


SNT: I spoke with Sgt Summers regarding the lack of communication between SNT and The Parish Council and have asked him to consider a way of how he can feedback to the group if they are not able to attend meetings. It was also raised during the forum that SNT re-attend Hilton Youth evenings as they’ve not been in over 6 months.


There was a couple of crime updates, the perpetrator of the recent public order offence at Tesco is awaiting prosecution and the suspects of the incidents involving the van driving round and throwing stones at cars have been released without charge due to lack of evidence.


A lengthy discussion occurred surrounding the use of the local roads by cycling groups and the dangers of their time trials but the police were unable to provide any assistance with this. Perhaps this requires further discussion between ourselves and the neighbouring parish councils?


Community Partnership: In brief there is a pot of funds (£4k) that remains untouched for the benefit of safety projects. I posed the question as to whether we could apply to use this fund to buy crime reduction products to sell/give out at the Party in the Park. Simon Haye suggested we contact Chris Smith at SDDC as he may be able to supply items free of charge. Claire, please could you make contact with Chris. Ideally Rebecca and I would like some Smart Water to use but anything is a bonus.


LA issues: A review of waste collection has been undertaken and a new service standard is now in place which is available on the website.

With regards to the issues at Christmas, the contractor did not fail in their service standards, however agreed that there was a lack of communication. LA are exploring the options for Christmas/New Year 2018 but feel as the collections won’t fall on a Monday, the issues won’t be as significant as 2017.


Hilton Youth: the attendance on a Thursday night has increased significantly. They are in desperate need of more volunteers and storage. The scout hut has offered to sell them a container but HY would like permission from the parish council to put the container on parish Council land. I’ve also suggested that if the container is already on parish council land (used by the scout hut) then could it not stay there? Further discussion needed I think.


The next Forum meeting is on 9th October.


  1. Cllr Cuddington Report – Re Flood Liaison Meeting 20.06.2018

Resolved: the following report was emailed to all Councillors in advance of the meeting. Hilton Parish Council agreed for the report to be added to the minutes for information.

SDDC Report

They reported on various issues around South Derbyshire but nothing of direct relevance to Hilton.

They said that there are issues with Health and Safety with SUDS (Drainage scheme involving retention ponds). They are suggesting an amendment to the Planning Process whereby the part of SDDC involved in flooding is involved before the planning design stage. The treatment of surface water flooding through SUDS in the recent Derby Road planning application was not as robust as one would like to see, so this proposal would be welcome for future applications.

I asked when we could expect to see something, but there is no timescale!

DCC said they would want to see something consistent across the county.


Environmental Agency

They reported that in the East Midlands there had been no serious flooding in the last 12 months.

They are working on a new model of the Trent. This caused Barrow on Trent representative to voice her criticism as they believe they were promised this new model for last March/April. The EA then dug a bigger hole for themselves by saying that they were undertaking detailed modelling of Trent tributaries and that work would not be finished until 2021.

This includes Hilton Brook which is scheduled to be modelled by 2020/21.

Willington PC joined Barrow in voicing concerns about the accuracy of EA data, which affects whether a property can be insured or not.


DCC report

They have been understaffed so there has been little progress on their issues, however, they are now fully resourced.

On Emergency Planning, they undertook a 3-day exercise of a full flood with the 9 counties that border the Trent.

They are holding annual flood warning workshops. There is a Michael Gove inspired review on the DEFRA website – ‘Multi Agency Flood Plan’.

There is funding available for areas at risk for sandbags etc.

Etwall asked for the flooding under the railway bridge on Heage Lane to be revisited, which was accepted.

Barrow made a plea for a joined-up plan since the PC plan was stymied by Fire Engines blocking routes in Barrow and Police directing traffic into the flood!


Severn Trent Report

They reported on various repairs and maintenance around the region – nothing in Hilton.



SDDC said they still have available some door barriers for flood protection.


I wondered if the residents down by Hilton Brook have any?


  1. Minute Number 2237/18 – Parish Council Committees
    1. Approval of 3 Councillors to sit on the Planning Committee
    2. Approval of a Highways Committee – Terms of Reference and approval of 3 Councillors to sit on the Highways Committee

Terms of reference – The Highways Committee will consist of 3 Councillors. The Highways committee will

  • Check progress on outstanding issues
  • Consider any new problems that require attention
  • Priorities issues going forward
  • Establish, maintain and update long-term relationships with Derbyshire County Council and the Police

The Quorum for the Highways Committee is 2 Councillors and all matter will be brought back to full Parish Council for approval.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to have one committee for Planning and Highways.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council deferred making a decision on which Councillors would form the committee until the July 2018 Parish Council Meeting.

One committee planning and highways


  1. Minute Number 2238/18 – Clerk’s Reports
  1. Update regarding the School Crossing Patrol, acknowledgement letter from Heather Wheeler MP – Previously Reported under minute number 2161/18, 2216/18

There was nothing further to report, other than Heather wheeler MP had acknowledged the letter sent.


  1. Update on the Village Clock – Previously reported under minute number 2161/18, 2178/18, 2216/18

There was nothing to report, other than the clock was being manufactured at the moment.


  1. Update Derbyshire Lamp post poppies campaign – Previously reported under minute number 2178/18, 2216/18

Cllr Darlington gave her report as follows:

  • This is happening and poppies are all around the village.
  • We had posters printed and they too are all around the village.
  • I have been around 80% of the businesses and sold them poppies.
  • Wherever you go around the village you will see a poppy.
  • School have 1000 poppies to sell but the uptake has been very slow, it has confused people because it’s not November. School will be setting a stall up in the playground at the end of school tomorrow to try and sell more.
  • The Village Hall have poppies for sale and I and Cllr Hudson have poppies for sale. Mrs Warren also has poppies for sale and is helping the Village Hall sell theirs
  • I have managed to get a gazebo for Party on the Park, The Chair replied that Mark had also offered the Parish Council a gazebo.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed for Cllr Darlington to sell poppies on the Parish Coucil Stall at Party on the Park.


  1. Back Lane Pavilion – hand dryers and installation – Previously reported under minute number 2216/18

There was nothing to report.


  1. SDDC undertaking a review of their Statement of Licensing Policy and Local Area Profile Plan – Previously reported under minute number 2216/18

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council had no objections to the above review.


  1. Harry Jones Fitness Hire – further information

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council stood by the decision made at the May 2018 Parish Council Meeting that the cost would be £25.00 per hour as this was a fair charge.


  1. Hilton Youth Group – Request for storage

The Clerk reported on an email received from Hilton Youth Group as follows:


Tennis was a big hit on Thursday as well as dodgeball on the astro turf and football on the field.  Thank you for allowing us to use it.  Indeed, the weather has been really in our favour over the past few months and we have had a big influx of new members.


We have over the past few months been getting on a regular basis between 80 and 100 young people coming to youth group on a Thursday night which is fantastic and very rewarding for the team of volunteers.  We must be doing something right!


We want to buy more equipment to expand the amount of leisure activities we offer, such as basketball nets and we have some funding to purchase them.


Our biggest problem is storage.  There is simply not enough room at the Village Hall to store anything else.  They have no more room to spare.

I did make enquiries into the container next to the scout hut but unfortunately a bid had already been made and we missed the boat!


Could you ask the Parish Council if there is any storage available for us to keep our sports equipment we use on the astro turf please?  We would really appreciate your help with this matter.  We have portable goal posts, footballs, cones dodgeball, and would like to purchase some basketball posts in the future if we get the storage.


Thank you for your continued support and assistance.


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to defer this matter to the July 2018 Parish Council Meeting.


  1. DCC – Community Involvement Scheme

Due to the success of the Snow Warden Scheme, the County Council is considering developing a Community Involvement Scheme and would be keen to hear from any town or parish councils interested in either taking part or helping to develop the scheme.


Taking part may involve:


  • Identifying a Highway Warden to report defects in your local area directly to the County Council
  • Sharing information about planned highway works with your local community
  • Promoting resilience in your local community by assisting with flood risk management and snow events
  • Undertaking low risk projects such as sign cleaning, litter picking, grass cutting and graffiti removal


A series of focus groups to discuss the above will be arranged for later in the year and Suzanne Cross at DCC would be grateful if we could let her know if anyone from Hilton Parish Council would be willing to take part. If so who will be the Parish Council representative, DCC need to know the contact details of the Councillor by 18.07.2018


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to look at the first 3 bullet points as per above under the Planning/Highways Committee going forward.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council did not agree to undertake low risk projects such as sign cleaning etc. Hilton Parish Council already collect litter, grass cut Parish Council areas and remove graffiti from areas managed by the Parish Council where possible.


  1. DCC Youth Inc – request for funding

The Clerk reported that Dee Hill a youth worker for Derbyshire County Council, who works in Hilton with a vulnerable group on young people on a Thursday evening jointly with Hilton Youth is trying to organise a few activities for the young people in the summer holidays that they normally wouldn’t have access to. These activities will be paid for by DCC. However, they have no funding for transport and wondered if this was something the Parish Council would be able to help with through the Hilton Youth Group?


They are currently organising two trips for the young people during the summer holidays, one of the trips would be to chesterfield and the other to Skegness for the day. The cost for the transport would be £318 in total for a 32-seater coach.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to give Hilton Youth Group £318.00 for the transport cost under Section 137.


  1. SDDC – Request to provide Accommodation or IT support to residents in the area to make claims for Universal Credit either on a stand-alone basis or with support

Resolved: The Clerk to inform SDDC that although we would love to be able to provide this facility we don’t have the staff, resources or equipment to provide this kind of support.


  1. Approval of the overspend of £296.53 for The Mease refurbishment of the kitchen and payments

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that The Mease Management Committee should pay the extra £296.53 as the Parish Council had only budgeted for £9,000.00.


  1. Hilton Rainbows request for free use or discounted rate of Astro Turf on 03.07.2018 5.45pm to 6.45pm

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that Hilton Rainbows could use the Astro Turf free of charge on 03.07.2018.


  1. General and Green Waste Collection quotes for approval
    1. Rainbow Waste £13.50 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L, no weight limit, will take anything, and Green waste £18.00 ex vat per lift as required
    2. Willshee’s £13.50 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L, with weight limit of 60KGS per bin with 13p kg thereafter. They do not do Green waste bins
  • Ward £10.44 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L, with weight limit of 80kgs per bin with 13p kg thereafter. They do not do Green waste bins but would supply another 1100L on same terms but 4 weekly collection only.
  1. SDDC £14.51 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L no weight limit. They do not do Green waste bin.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved the quote from Rainbow Waste Management on the Grounds that they were competitive and could provide both Green Waste and General Waste bins.


  1. Memorial Meadow – Cllr Darlington and Cllr Cuddington site meeting with Kevin Exley from SDDC

Cllr Darlington reported that she and Cllr Cuddington would be meeting at the Memorial Meadow with Kevin Exley from SDDC and possibly Cllr Billings, on Friday 29.06.2018 at 2pm. They would be looking at all the open spaces around the village on that day.


  1. Minute Number 2239/18 – Derbyshire Association of Local Councils


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council noted the following information.


  1. DALC Circular 08/2018
  • High Court Ruling – Ledbury Town Council
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Survey
  • Councillor Commission ‘Voice of the Councillor’ Workshops
  • Neighbourhood Planning Grants
  • Grant Fund – Angling Improvement Fund
  • Dementia Friendly Rural Communities Guide
  • Training: Planning Nuts and Bolts – 18 September 2018

Clerk Essential Training – 31 July 2018

Councillor Essential Training – 10 September 2018

Councillor Essential Training – 23 October 2018

Chairing Meetings Effectively, Essential Skills – 12 November 2018

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities – run by RAD – 26 June 2018


  1. Minute Number 2240/18 – Finance


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved the following payments, including the additions of cheque numbers 003303 to 003306 inclusive.


  1. Accounts for Payment.
003293 Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP Legal Fees 1,200.00  
003294 The K & B Warehouse Ltd Kitchen Refurbishment Deposit. The Mease 1,000.00  
003296 Viking Copier Paper and stamps 100.58  
003297 NALC Registration Fee – Foundation Level 60.00  
003298 SLCC Subscription 112.34  
003299 Sterilizing Services Ltd Water Testing Office and Pavilion 107.98  
003300 The Mease Pavilion Repairs to broken slabs 168.00  
003301 Royal British Legion Lamp post Poppies 54.00  
003302 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Ground Maintenance 523.92  
003303 Cromwell Jumbo T Rolls, Metal Waste Bins, Cleaning Products for the Back Lane Pavilion and Refuse Sacks for the Lengthsmen 263.81  
003304 Appliance Direct Appliances for The Mease Kitchen Refurbishment 1,478.82  
003305 Aucuba Landscapes Maintenance VH Site 479.99  
003306 Hilton Village Hall Room Hire 99.39  


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved the following payments:


  1. Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Chq 003295 for the Inland Revenue


Description                                                                                                              Amount        

Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc.                                               £7,623.44

NEST Staff Pension                                                                                                 £460.88


  1. Minute Number 2241/18 – Items for Information


Hilton Parish Council noted the following information:


  1. Heather Wheeler MP – Quote on Rolls Royce Restructuring
  2. Thank you email from P Churn Hilton Primary School for the use of Main Street Play Area
  3. Heather Wheeler MP – Copy of acknowledgement letter from DCC in relation to the School Crossing Patrol in Hilton
  4. Heather Wheeler MP – Acknowledgement of Parish Council letter regarding the School Crossing Patrol in Hilton – Butterfly Walk Sunday 01.07.2018 Rosliston Forestry Centre from 1.45pm


  1. Minute Number 2242/18 – Planning Matters for Decision

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council had no objections to the above planning application.



Resolved: Hilton Parish Council made no comment on the above application.


  1. 9/2018/0329 – 5 IVY COURT HILTON DERBY DERBYSHIRE DE65 5WD – THE ERECTION OF AN EXTENSION – Amended Application 05.06.2018, Out of time to comment, no extension requested

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council had no further comment to make on the above planning application.



Resolved: Hilton Parish Council had no objections to the above planning application.


  1. Minute Number 2243/18 – To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the Public.


Resolved: In view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, it was advisable in the public interest, that the press and public be temporarily excluded and were instructed to withdraw from the meeting.


  1. Minute Number 2244/18 – Update on correspondence received, hand delivered to the Chair and advice taken – Previously reported under minute number 2225/18


The Clerk gave the Council the advice from the Solicitor. The Clerk then left the meeting whilst the Council made the following resolutions:

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved for the Solicitor to continue to look into the matter in relation to the Clerk.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to continue with the Meeting, the Solicitor to draw up the agenda and details of the meeting. This can then be followed by a letter thereafter if required.

The Clerk then came back into the meeting.


  1. Minute Number 2245/18 – Lease agreement – Police Office for signing

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved for the Lease agreement to be signed.

Resolved: The Clerk to return the signed copy of the Lease back to the Solicitor


  1. Minute Number 2246/18 – Back Lane Football Field and Pavilion hire 2 Groups


Resolved: The Clerk to ask Hilton Girls FC if they would contribute towards the maintenance.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that as AFC Hilton had already been given preferential use of the Junior Pitch and as they were part maintaining the Pitch any agreement and other usage by another team would need to be in agreement with AFC Hilton.


  1. Minute Number 2247/18 – Bank Matters

The Clerk reported that she had been contacted by the bank on 12th June 2018 in relation to bank fraud. The debit card had been compromised and a payment taken for Digital River in Ireland for £49.99, 2 attempts were made which highlighted the fraud. The card has now been stopped and the money has been refunded by the bank.


  1. Minute Number 2248/18 – Staff Matters
    1. Staff Training

The Clerk reported that the Groundsman had completed his 3-day herbicide spraying course PA1 and PA6.


  1. Communication between Councillors and Staff

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to defer this matter until the July 2017 Parish Council Meeting.


  1. Minute Number 2249/18 – Date of the next meeting


Resolved: The date of the next monthly Hilton Parish Council Meeting was confirmed as 25th July 2018 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 7pm.


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