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held at Hilton Village Hall on

Monday 25 June 2018

at 7.30pm


Amy Plenderleith

Charles Cuddington

Rachel Wallace

Margaret  Cuddington

Public:                   None

  1. Apologies: Russell Pollard

Jon Topham

Peter Wiliams

Beccy Salmon

  1. Declaration of Members interest –               None
  2. Public Speaking –               None

(At the start of the meeting a period of not more than fifteen minutes will be made available        for members of the public and members of the Council to comment on any matter       already on the agenda).

  1. Minutes of the last meeting on 14 May approved.
  2. Party in the Park – Saturday 7 July – was discussed at length.

Thank you for organising the “stand” for us Peter.

It would be good if we could have some volunteers to “man our stand” even if only for half an hour, or so, to give people a break.   Anyone out of the “working groups” would be most welcome to join too, even interested parties who understand what we are trying to do for the local villages.

We are hoping to get some banners printed, both for the stand at PITP and around the village as reminders to fill out the questionnaire.   We will have a few copies of the questionnaire on the Stand for people to fill out there and then, if they wish.  Although we are encouraging responses on line if possible.  The “web page” to be “advertised” more rigorously.  There will be a “drop box” available, too.

If people have any comments to make we will be providing a flip chart, note pads, etc, etc.  We will have a “pin board” with a few photos of “green spaces”.  Also a review of the Hilton School  survey, which was very well received by the children.

Rachel has volunteered to lend us a gazebo which may be very useful, if the weather deteriorates.   – It will be delivered to Charles prior to the day.

  1. When the Neighbourhood Plan is completed it was agreed that we would create an Appendix of the children’s comments. As the exercise was very well received by the children and as they are our next generation in the village it is important we listen to what they have to say.
  2. It was suggested that similar exercise is held with John Port Youth Group (Sandra) in mid-June/early July.

Charles to liaise with Jeanette, Tom & Sandra

  1. Questionnaire Group Feedback

The Royal Mail delivery of the Questionnaire was very poor – Charles has made an official complaint, we await their response.

Sian Davies joined us at this point (following a mtg in the next door room) so was able to give us an update on the questionnaires received on line, and collected by her, from the “drop boxes”.

She was asked if she would like to join the Steering Group and she was happy to join.

Amy proposed her and the rest of the group seconded Sian becoming a member.

  1. Traffic Survey status

The equipment appears to have been put in place for the survey to take place on Tuesday 26 June 2018.  We await the results.

  1. The feedback from the SDDC meeting was good. They seemed particularly interested in the retention of the “green spaces”.
  2. Accept Rural Action Derbyshire quote.

Invite Jo Dugdale to our next meeting – Charles to contact.

Planning Design to be chased again for a quote that satisfies Locality’s requirements –

Action Amy

  1. Outstanding Action: Update Program – Russell on vacation
  2. Outstanding Action: Engagement strategy.


Meeting closed at 9.00pm.


The next meeting will be on Monday 9 July 2018 at the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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