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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969



Date: 19.06.2018

You are hereby summoned to attend the next Meeting of Hilton Parish Council to be held at 7pm on Wednesday 27.06.2018 at Hilton Village Hall.


Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend. Members of the Public may make representation to the Council under item 5 Public Speaking according to the Council’s Standing Orders


Yours sincerely


CM Orme


Mrs Clare Orme

Clerk to Hilton Parish Council




  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. Variation of the Order of Business
  3. Declaration of Members’ Interests.
  1. Register of Interests: Councillors are reminded of the need to update their Register of Members Interests Forms
  2. To declare any Personal and Prejudicial Interest in items on the agenda and their nature. (Councillors with a Prejudicial Interest must leave the room at the relevant items). Where a member indicates they have a prejudicial interest but wish to make representation regarding the item before leaving the meeting, those representations must be made under item (c) Public Speaking below.


  1. Public Speaking.
  1. At the start of the meeting a period of not more than fifteen minutes will be made available for members of the public and members of the Council to comment on any matter already on the agenda.
  2. If the Police Liaison Officer, a County Council or District Council Member is in attendance they will be given the opportunity to raise any relevant matter. Members of the Council however will restrict Police matters they raise to those relating to their Council Ward.
  3. Members declaring a prejudicial interest who wish to make representation or give evidence under the Code of Conduct relating to Agenda items shall do so at this stage.

  1. Chairpersons Report
  2. Cllr Cuddington – Signing of the Acceptance of Office Form and review of the Declaration of Members Interest form


  1. To confirm the minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on 30.05.2018.


  1. Neighbourhood Development PlanningCllr Cuddington & Cllr Brundish
  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 25.06.2018
  2. Traffic Survey – Cllr Cuddington





  1. Communication
  1. Parish Council Stall at Party on the Park – SDDC putting together No Call Calling Stickers, Purse Bells, Children’s high vis snap bands, leaflets etc.
  2. Public Meeting with DCC re Main Street issues
  3. Engagement with other Groups


  1. Reports from Councillors that have attended any other Meetings.
  1. Cllr Johnson-Beale Report – Re Etwall Area Forum 06.06.2018
  2. Cllr Cuddington Report – Re Flood Liaison Meeting 20.06.2018


  1. Parish Council Committees
    1. Approval of 3 Councillors to sit on the Planning Committee
    2. Approval of a Highways Committee – Terms of Reference and approval of 3 Councillors to sit on the Highways Committee

Terms of reference – The Highways Committee will consist of 3 Councillors. The Highways committee will

  • Check progress on outstanding issues
  • Consider any new problems that require attention
  • Priorities issues going forward
  • Establish, maintain and update long-term relationships with Derbyshire County Council and the Police

The Quorum for the Highways Committee is 2 Councillors and all matter will be brought back to full Parish Council for approval.


  1. Clerk’s Reports
  1. Update regarding the School Crossing Patrol, acknowledgement letter from Heather Wheeler MP – Previously Reported under minute number 2161/18, 2216/18
  2. Update on the Village Clock – Previously reported under minute number 2161/18, 2178/18, 2216/18
  3. Update Derbyshire Lamp post poppies campaign – Previously reported under minute number 2178/18, 2216/18
  4. Back Lane Pavilion – hand dryers and installation – Previously reported under minute number 2216/18
  5. SDDC undertaking a review of their Statement of Licensing Policy and Local Area Profile Plan – Previously reported under minute number 2216/18
  6. Harry Jones Fitness Hire – further information
  7. Hilton Youth Group – Request for storage
  8. DCC – Community Involvement Scheme
  9. DCC Youth Inc – request for funding
  10. SDDC – Request to provide Accommodation or IT support to residents in the area to make claims for Universal Credit either on a stand-alone basis or with support
  11. Approval of the overspend of £296.53 for The Mease refurbishment of the kitchen and payments
  12. Hilton Rainbows request for free use or discounted rate of Astro Turf on 03.07.2018 5.45pm to 6.45pm
  13. General and Green Waste Collection quotes for approval
    1. Rainbow Waste £13.50 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L, no weight limit, will take anything, and Green waste £18.00 ex vat per lift as required
    2. Willshee’s £13.50 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L, with weight limit of 60KGS per bin with 13p kg thereafter. They do not do Green waste bins
  • Ward £10.44 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L, with weight limit of 80kgs per bin with 13p kg thereafter. They do not do Green waste bins but would supply another 1100L on same terms but 4 weekly collection only.
  1. SDDC £14.51 ex vat per week General Waste x 2 1100L no weight limit. They do not do Green waste bin.
  2. Memorial Meadow – Cllr Darlington and Cllr Cuddington site meeting with Kevin Exley from SDDC


  1. Derbyshire Association of Local Councils


  1. DALC Circular 08/2018
  • High Court Ruling – Ledbury Town Council
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Survey
  • Councillor Commission ‘Voice of the Councillor’ Workshops
  • Neighbourhood Planning Grants
  • Grant Fund – Angling Improvement Fund
  • Dementia Friendly Rural Communities Guide
  • Training: Planning Nuts and Bolts – 18 September 2018

Clerk Essential Training – 31 July 2018

Councillor Essential Training – 10 September 2018

Councillo Essential Training – 23 October 2018

Chairing Meetings Effectively, Essential Skills – 12 November 2018

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities – run by RAD – 26 June 2018


  1. Finance
  1. Accounts for Payment.
003293 Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP Legal Fees 1,200.00
003294 The K & B Warehouse Ltd Kitchen Refurbishment Deposit. The Mease 1,000.00
003296 Viking Copier Paper and stamps 100.58
003297 NALC Registration Fee – Foundation Level 60.00
003298 SLCC Subscription 112.34
003299 Sterilizing Services Ltd Water Testing Office and Pavilion 107.98
003300 The Mease Pavilion Repairs to broken slabs 168.00
003301 Royal British Legion Lamp post Poppies 54.00
003302 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Ground Maintenance 523.92


  1. Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Chq 003295 for the Inland Revenue


Description                                                                                                                  Amount           

Salaries, Tax NICs, Redundancy, Expenses etc                                                              £7,623.44

NEST Staff Pension                                                                                                       £460.88



  1. Items for Information
  1. Heather Wheeler MP – Quote on Rolls Royce Restructuring
  2. Thank you email from P Churn Hilton Primary School for the use of Main Street Play Area
  3. Heather Wheeler MP – Copy of acknowledgement letter from DCC in relation to the School Crossing Patrol in Hilton
  4. Heather Wheeler MP – Acknowledgement of Parish Council letter regarding the School Crossing Patrol in Hilton – Butterfly Walk Sunday 01.07.2018 Rosliston Forestry Centre from 1.45pm


  1. Planning Matters for Decision
  3. 9/2018/0329 – 5 IVY COURT HILTON DERBY DERBYSHIRE DE65 5WD – THE ERECTION OF AN EXTENSION – Amended Application 05.06.2018, Out of time to comment, no extension requested


  1. To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the Public.


  1. Update on correspondence received, hand delivered to the Chair and advice taken – Previously reported under minute number 2225/18


  1. Lease agreement – Police Office for signing


  1. Back Lane Football Field and Pavilion hire 2 Groups


  1. Bank Matters


  1. Staff Matters
    1. Staff Training
    2. Communication between Councillors and Staff


  1. Date of the next meeting

The date of the next monthly Hilton Parish Council Meeting is to be confirmed as 25th July 2018 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 7pm.

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