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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969







Cllr Cooper (in the Chair)

Cllr Darlington, Cllr Hudson, Cllr Cuddington, Cllr Brundish and Cllr Campion


6 Members of the Public attended the meeting.





  1. Minute Number 2187/18 – Chairman’s – Introduction and welcome


The Chair introduction and welcomed members of the public for attending the Annual Parish Meeting. He explained that the meeting would be informal but as its facilitated by the Parish Council it would be a bit more formal than the Forums and Village Hall Coffee Mornings. He explained that resident could ask questions and the Parish Council would try to answer them or would take then away to obtain the answers.

He thanked members of the public for attending the Village Hall Coffee Mornings and Forums and explained that there were consent forms and Q&A sheets on the table for residents in attendance to complete if they wished.


  1. Minute Number 2188/18 – To receive apologies for absence from Councillors


Apologies were received from Cllr Plenderleith and Cllr Billings.


  1. Minute Number 2189/18 – Declaration of Members’ Interests.


There were no Declarations of Members Interests.


  1. Minute Number 2190/18 – Open meeting for residents – To raise questions, make comment or offer suggestions.


Members of the Public raised the following matters:


Derby Road Development

Resident: We became aware of the Parish Council over the Derby Road Development. News of the boarder changed was not communicated very well in the village. How are we going to stop this happening again? How as a community can we come together? This was a big boo boo by the Council, how can we stop this happening again?


Councillor: The Parish Council is very small, the biggest problem we have is housing quota’s which trump so much. If the District has a housing quota to fill they are penalised if they don’t fulfil it.


Resident: The housing quota would not have happened if the boundary had not changed.


Councillor: It’s horrid but the District Council will do what ever they need to do. It was advertised on the SDDC website as part of the consultation.


Resident: This was not picked up on our boundary search when we purchased our house.


Councillor: If we do end up with a Neighbourhood Plan it will give us a say in such things in the future. The issue at Derby Road goes back to the boundary change and SDDC did not consult properly on that. When they consulted on Hilton there were only 7 from Hilton responded and 4 of them were developers, this is because people were unaware of the consultation. When the Local Green Space Consultation came out the Parish Council made sure that it was well advertised. SDDC have had over 200 responses and are overwhelmed by that. There will be something that will come along with regards to development and SDDC will be scared to object to it. Any new development will be outside the boundary line now.


Resident: Can the Council send a letter to SDDC and explain the concerns.


Councillor: We can have a look at that. However, a Councillor wrote to SDDC and Heather Wheeler MP as a resident to say the consultation had not been carried out properly and received an answer back saying that the consultation had been done legally. In future its about making sure there is early publicity. One thing that we can do is inform SDDC that we want to be closely involved in this application and make sure that any conditions are enforced as SDDC don’t tend to enforce the conditions properly.


Resident: This has been a lesson learnt.


Councillor: We don’t think anyone realised that by moving the boundary, this would cause so much more housing. It is a lesson learned.


Resident: Is there anything documented that could be used in the future should this happen again.


Councillor: It could be written into the Neighbourhood Development Plan. We are up against planning law. It isn’t just about the planning its about the morality of it. The Ward Members have the biggest impact with SDDC, we would need to lobby our Ward Members very hard to lobby on our behalf and we need to make sure they push and do what ever they can to help the community. However, the Ward Members are not always kept up to date especially in relation to the new School in the last 2 years. Its about getting the Planning Department to do their jobs properly. The traffic report for example was 5 years out of date.


Resident: South Derbyshire is a big area, Hilton is classed as a service village. How is that going to define Hilton?


Councillor: Hilton is the second biggest parish in the area. It’s a come to village for developers.


Resident: What would be useful is a list of objections that can be used against planning applications.


Councillor: The Local Green Space Consultation, people had to fill in five pages per area. There were 7 areas on the list which meant people had 35 pages to complete.


Resident: Forms need to be easy and simple.


Resident: We wrote to SDDC and objected to the Derby Road Development regarding extra traffic. We had a letter back from SDDC 2 days after the Planning Committee Meeting asking if I wanted to attend.


Traffic Flow through Main Street

Resident: Is there anything in place to stop the traffic that should not be using Main Street from using it? Residents are aware of the sleeping policeman which should have been installed by the end of April but is there any way we can get the through traffic out of the village. We had a chat with Radio Derby last week and 70 to 80 percent of the traffic does not need to come through the village this is what The Mease was built for.


Councillor: It is a DCC matter however, this does not mean that the Parish Council cannot support what the residents want to do. Cllr Patten has had site meetings with highways, she has asked for chicanes in the past but DCC said no it was deemed too expensive, the Parish Council have written and sent a petition to DCC in the past also. There will be an Area Forum Meeting on 06.06.2018 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 6.30pm, our Ward Members and the Police will be in attendance. The Area Forum would be a prime meeting to attend with several residents to fill the meeting and highlight the issues and concerns. The Parish Council could invite DCC to a meeting and invite residents to attend perhaps.

Resident: We need weigh limit signs further out of the village so that lorry drivers etc. see them before they turn into the village. On 28.05.2018 the A50 will be closed for 4 nights, where is all that traffic going to be diverted?


Resident: We would be quite happy to support Councillors doing Speed Watch in the village and would be happy to help set this up.


Councillor: A said that she would not mind doing this, but 3 people are required. We need the evidence to get change.


Resident: Do lorries have weight limits on them.


Councillor: Yes, we think so.


Councillor: Let’s go back to the Neighbourhood Plan, one of the things that the Parish Council is funding is a traffic survey. It will give us speed of traffic volume of traffic etc. for all the cars and lorries, as part of the survey there will be service point around the village and they will calculate the average speed of vehicles.


Resident: One advantage of the development in the village, is the village will become gridlocked eventually. The problem is 2018 traffic on 1820 roads


Resident: There is a crack in the middle of the bridge over the brook, where they hold the Duck Race, they keep coming out to look at it but have done nothing to repair it yet.


Resident: We protested in the village and walked with a tractor through the village for a whole day slowing the traffic down to get the A50, but we only got this because Toyota paid in the end.


Resident: Can we have a mini roundabout included in the Derby Road Development. That would slow the traffic and make the junction safer and safer for the nursery.


Councillor: We can look at this, but it will be for DCC and Developers to agree.


Resident: Potholes are a problem in the village.


Councillor: DCC Highways Department are responsible for potholes but the Traffic and Transportation Department at DCC would deal with the mini roundabout.


Resident: There will be another accident in the village if these issues are not dealt with.


Councillor: DCC will look at the statistics in the village and if there is no evidence to support our issues there will be no change, that’s why we need the Traffic Survey.


Resident: What do we need to show you in order of evidence for DCC to invest money in Hilton.


Councillor: It will be things like volume of traffic using The Mease against volume of traffic using Main Street, hopefully the traffic survey will show this along with the amount and speed of vehicles etc.


Cameras Main Street Car Park

Resident: Can you tell me if the cameras at Main Street car park are working.


Councillor: Not sure.


Resident: There was a TV and asbestos dumped in the car park a few weeks ago.


Councillor: The cameras may have been installed to monitor and catch fly tippers. The best place to ask the question would be at the next Area Forum.


Resident: Would another Recycle Centre in the village stop the fly tipping.


Councillor: There was another Recycle Centre at the Mandarin but SDDC removed it.


Councillor: It was raised at the last Safer Neighbourhood Meeting about SDDC not emptying the dog bins and litter bins over the Christmas period. SDDC are supposed to be feeding back on the problems they had and the frequency of emptying going forward. Maybe we need to establish how often they empty the Recycling Centre.


Councillor: The Saturday morning freighter dates have been published on the Facebook page. The Clerk agreed to add the dates to the Parish Council website and notice board.


Engagement Policy

Resident: The Community Engagement plan is really good and has come a long way since we started to talk about it last summer however, we still need to develop what the engagement is and the policy. The resident said I have some comments on the policy which I spoke about at the last forum. There is a plan which is good, but I don’t think it has been put together by the community its been done by the Parish Council, but no input has been given by the community. It would be good to get the communities input so that it is a community plan rather than the Parish Council plan.


Councillor: The Policy that we have recently adopted is a Parish Council Policy and it is for the Council to set Parish Council Policy. It is a policy on how the Parish Council will deliver it, we are happy to take comments and if we find it needs to be amended then we will look at this. We are grateful that you are happy that we are moving on.


Resident: I am happy to let the Clerk have my suggested changes to the Policy.


Councillor: It is a Policy, it’s how we enact it, what we don’t want to do as a Council is tie ourselves down so that we cannot do things, we need to be careful.


Resident: Yes, agreed it needs to be a guidance, but there are some definitions within the Policy that could be changed to soften it. The Parish Council need to be open and say we can rather than we can’t.


Councillor: What we need to be careful of is the Parish Council is a Public Body and we could be challenged. The fact we have forums and can talk openly is brilliant, but as a Public Body we have rules to follow.


Resident: In the policy and the process that we have been through recently we agreed that an informal chat could have resolved most of the issues, how will this work in the future.


Councillor: This will fall under the Complaints Committee going forward. We have learned and in future would do this in a different way.


Resident: Agreed the Parish Council had learned lessons.


Councillor: The Forums and Village Hall Coffee Morning are going great, we appreciate we need to do more and we need to look at other places to hold them.


Resident: How does it get to other people? how do other people get involved?


Councillor: There is no formula to engagement.


Resident: The only difference we have seen at the Forums is that one member of the public is now a Councillor.


Resident: The Parish Council could have a stall at Party on the Park, a resident said that he would be happy to give the Parish Council a free stall to advertise the Parish Council.


Councillor: We will ask the Clerk to add this to the next agenda. The Neighbourhood Plan Group will have a stall, so we could have a double pitch to include the Parish Council.


Councillor: We could hold forums at the School going forward to involve more people.


Councillor: Not everyone wants to get involved though, people have busy life’s and just want to relax when they get home from work with their families.


Councillor: SDDC allegedly provide new home owners with welcome pack, the Parish Council could consider doing the same.


Councillor: In one area the Ward Member writes and welcomes all new home owners.


Resident: There is basic communication available to the Parish Council regarding the Hilton and Dove Life Magazine and Facebook. The Parish Council needs to communicate more. The agenda for the meeting only went on the website today.


Councillor: the legal requirement is that the agenda needs to be on the notice board. The webmaster does not live in the village and does the updating of the website voluntary. It is not always possible to update the website as quick as people would like but there is a disclaimer on the website stating this.


Resident: We need more notice boards around the village.


Councillor: The notice boards were removed due to vandalism, but we can look at this again later.


Councillor: how about residents put notices in their windows at home?


Councillor: 836 people saw on Facebook that there was a Parish Meeting tonight but only 6 people are in attendance.


Resident: Then the Parish Council need to raise emotion to get people here.


Councillor: Could do with getting the children to make a video of what the Parish Council does.


Councillor: Some Parish Councils do an annual survey, maybe the Parish Council can look at this for the future.


Resident: I emailed the Clerk a Q&A form, but I have not had a response.


Councillor: It was deemed to be a statement rather than a question however, we get the point and will try to respond in the future.


Resident: What are the top 3 things that the Council is planning to deliver.


Councillor: Installation of the replacement clock this financial year, saving towards the tarmacking of The Mease car park and saving towards the adventure and gym equipment play area.


  1. Minute Number 2191/18 – Close of meeting


Meeting finished at 8.55pm.


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