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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969








Cllr Cooper (in the Chair)

Cllr C Smith, Cllr M Smith, Cllr Hall, Cllr Cuddington, Cllr Darlington, Cllr Hudson and Cllr Brundish.


4 Members of the Public attended the meeting.





  1. Minute Number 2116/18 – To receive apologies for absence


There were no apologies for absence.


  1. Minute Number 2118/18 – Variation of the Order of Business


There were no Variations to the Order of Business.


  1. Minute Number 2118/18 – Declaration of Members’ Interests.


Resolved: Cllr Hall declared a personal interest in the draft budget regarding the proposed new website

Resolved: Cllr Cuddington declared a personal interest in the draft budget regarding the Neighbourhood Development Plan


  1. Minute Number 2118/18 – Public Speaking.

Minute Number 2118/18/A – Public Speaking


Members of the public raised the following matters:

  • Increase in the Precept over the last 11 years
  • With regards to liaising with the residents and no engagement with the Public has taken place, what justification is there for increasing the Precept.
  • The Chair replied that there is no decision yet on if the precept will be increased, the Parish Council are required to go through the budget line by line to see what the priorities are. The draft budget for residents to see at the start of the meeting included everything that residents and Councillors had requested, this was no means the final budget. In relation to engagement the Parish Council are looking at this.
  • The Parish Council were asked to advertise on the Spotted Hilton Facebook page as this was free, it was suggested that residents were not interested in the Hilton Parish Council Facebook page.


Minute Number 2118/18/B – Police Representatives Report


There were no Police Representatives present at the meeting and there was nothing to report.


Minute Number 2118/18/C – County Council Representatives Report


Apologies were received from Cllr Patten, there was nothing to report.


Minute Number 2118/18/D – District Council Representatives Report


Apologies were received from Cllr Plenderleith, there was nothing to report.


  1. Minute Number 2120/18 – To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the Public.


Resolved: In view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, it was advisable in the public interest, that the press and public be temporarily excluded and were instructed to withdraw from the meeting.


  1. Minute Number 2121/18 – Finance Matters – Budget and Precept Setting



The Parish Council members went through the draft budget line by line.


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved to take the following matters back to the Hilton Parish Council Meeting to be held on 31.01.2018 for ratification and final approval.

  • Resolved: To increase the staff salaries by 2% for all staff as of 01.04.2018 as per the National Joint Council Agreement. (Lengthsman, Groundsman, Clerk)
  • Resolved: To accept the budget allocation for the new Lengthsman/Groundsman on the same rate of pay as the current Lengthsman to be advertised shortly.
  • Resolved: To keep the postage arrangements as they currently are in relation to the P O Box number. 1 Councillor was against this, 1 Councillor abstained from the voting and 6 Councillor voted for arrangements to remain the same
  • Resolved: To include £200.00 for a new website.
  • Resolved: To reduce the Chairs allowance to £150.00 from £500.00
  • Resolved: To add £600.00 to cover room hire of the Parish Council meetings and any forums going forward
  • Resolved: Agree to go out to tender during 2018/2019 for the following:
    • Ground Maintenance for example the Village Hall site, Roma’s Garden etc, including the annual hedge cutting and football pitch maintenance, all work currently undertaken by Aucuba Landscapes Ltd
    • Obtain quotes to see if money can be saved in relation to our trade waste and green waste collections
    • Resolved to have a commercial bin for green waste only, this will save on having contractor removing such material, which in the long run will be more cost effective.
  • Resolved: To leave the Grants and Donation budget at £3,000.00 for the financial year 2018/2019 but review the criteria for the grants.
  • Resolved: The contingency and emergency item budget to be £38,000.00 instead of 15% of the current precept.
  • Resolved: not to budget for an admin assistant to help the Clerk at this stage, an agreement was made that Councillors need to do more to help the Clerk, this can be reviewed again later in the year.
  • Resolved: Members allowance/Expenses to remain in the budget to be reviewed later in the year.
  • Resolved: Not to lease a printer and maintenance contract including paper and ink as the costs far outweigh the current costs for 2017/2018.
  • Resolved: Training costs to be increased to support Councillor training and weed spraying training for the Groundsman
  • Resolved to increase the equipment and PPE budget to £3,000.00 to account for machine service and repairs.
  • Resolved: Not to purchase company tablets for the Councillors to use on Council Business
  • Resolved: To continue with the contract with Personal Advice Solutions for HR Support of £100.00 ex vat per month.
  • Resolved: To add a budget for the new General Data Protection Regulations coming into force in May 2018 of £1,200.00
  • Resolved: To allocate £50,000.00 to the budget to save towards the refurbishment of The Mease Pavilion car park.
  • Resolved: To add the difference in the budget of £6,798.00 to complete the clock project as a funder or sponsor could not be found.
  • Resolved: To add £9,000.00 for the refurbishment of the kitchen at The Mease Pavilion as already agreed.
  • Resolved: To add £1,020.00 to the budget for the Summer Sportsmobile as previously agreed.
  • Resolved: To purchase under misc maintenance a grit bin for the Parish Council Car Park and 1 tone of grit in 25kg bags ready for winter 2018.
  • Resolved: To add a budget of £2,500.00 for the Neighbourhood Development Plan Group.
  • Resolved: To include the basketball net as part of the Adventure Play and Gym Equipment project for the future, the Parish Council has £14,978.99 ringfenced in the 2017/2018 accounts but no further budget has been added for 2018/2019, as the Parish Council agreed to look for funding for this project.
  • Resolved: To approve the rest of the budget as set by the Finance Committee at their meeting on 18.01.2018.
  • Resolved: To approve the Precept be set at £172,000.00 for the financial year 2018/2019.
  • Resolved: To change the Parish Council bank account from Santander to Unity Trust with immediate effect on the advice of the Clerk.
  • Resolved: To approve the bank charges over the Christmas and New Year Period.
  • Resolved: To approve the Clerks expenses for the purchase of 2 wall planners, cut keys, screws for the reinstallation of John and Roma Walton’s bench and postage.
  • Resolved: To approve the payments of the Insurance for the van and the Hilton Village Hall Room Hire.


  1. Minute Number 2122/18 – Date of the next meeting


Resolved: The date of the next monthly Hilton Parish Council Meeting was confirmed as 31st January 2018 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 7pm.


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