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held at Hilton Village Hall on

Monday 8 January 2018

at 7.30 pm


Minutes of Meeting

Attendees:         Amy Plenderleith

Russell Pollard

Jon Watson

Charles Cuddington

Margaret Cuddington

Simon Brundish

Rachel Wallace

Beccy Salmon

Public:                   Steve Cooper

Charles Cuddington introduced the new members, Rachel Wallace and Beccy Salmon, to the Group.

They are both representatives from Marston on Dove.


  1. Apologies: Peter Williams   &             Jon Topham


  1. Declaration of Members interest –              None


  1. Public Speaking – Steve Cooper requested that the Members of the Group

are shown on the Facebook page – Your Village/Your Voice.

This was agreed.

(At the start of the meeting a period of not more than fifteen minutes will be made available        for members of the public and members of the Council to comment on any matter      already on the agenda).


  1. Outstanding actions from last meeting:

Check with Fiona, regarding the distribution of Directories to Marston on Dove,

following her illness over Christmas.                                                        –              Margaret to deal


  1. Working Group Reports


Simon has been in contact with numerous businesses across the village and passed on leaflets.  Now that the A4 Posters are available he will continue to approach the shops, etc.

Margaret has delivered A4 posters to Post Office, Hairdressers, Barbers, Talbot Turf, Methodist Chapel and WI.  Charles to Hilton House, Rotary, Village Hall, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Amy – St Mary’s Church, Marston

Peter was looking after Hilton School with leaflets for school bags.


We visited the facilities at Hilton School.  The small Hall is perfect for our needs and has a drop down screen.  Charles is supplying laptop & projector for the Launch Presentation.

The Caretaker will put out chairs for us prior to the meeting, which starts at 7pm.

The School is also providing the use of two easels for our “question & answer session” after the Presentation. (Margaret will bring necessary stationery i.e. flip charts, post-its, pads, pens & pencils, etc).

The PTFA have volunteered to provide tea & coffee at the event.


This is covered under item 12.

6              Nestles have been approached as a Stakeholder, now that the extension to their factory is in the designated area of Hoon.  The Designated Area is now shown on the SDDC website.

  1. As shown in the Comms section of Item 5, the plans for the Launch Meeting are going well. The IT Manager at the school is particularly helpful and has made their equipment available to us.

Ian Hey (District Council Adviser) has been invited to the meeting to answer questions from the public following the Launch Presentation.

Discussion on the Questionnaire to follow on from the Launch – a working group was agreed made up of Jon Watson, Russell Pollard, Rachel Wallace and Simon Brundish.

Various methods of gathering information were discussed i.e. Survey Monkey, Consultants, a Drop In centre for paper returns rather than electronically.



  1. The Grant Application has been turned down due mainly to the request for funding for a traffic survey. The budget for the remainder of this financial year and for next year need to be reworked for discussion with the Parish Council. Action Charles.
  2. Lower Dove Valley Community – Beccy Salmon has volunteered to be our contact with them as she is already is member of a similar group based in Rolleston.  They are looking to create an environmentally friendly space around the river i.e. tree planting, new footpaths, canoeing, etc.
  3. Planning Design – a consultancy group. It was decided to contact them after the Launch Meeting, when we know what interest there is in joining us and what individuals can bring to the table.
  4. The “public” were asked to leave.
  5. Charles ran the Launch Presentation which was accepted by the Group, with just an odd tweak here and there.


The meeting closed at 9.30pm.


The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 12th February at Hilton Village Hall.


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