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Hilton Parish Council

PO BOX 8094, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 1FR

Tel: Office 01283 730969 – Mobile 0771 9599132








Cllr Cooper (in the Chair)

Cllr C Smith, Cllr M Smith, Cllr Darlington, Cllr Brundish and Cllr Cuddington


2 District Council Representative, 1 County Council Representative, and 11 Members of the Public attended the meeting.




  1. Minute Number 2005/17 – To receive apologies for absence


Cllr Hall sent a message that she could not make the meeting due to her child being ill.


  1. Minute Number 2006/17 – Variation of the Order of Business


There were no Variations to the Order of Business.


  1. Minute Number 2007/17 – Declaration of Members’ Interests.


There were no Declarations of Members Interests.


  1. Minute Number 2008/17 – Public Speaking.


Minute Number 2008/17/A – Public Speaking

Members of the Public raised the following matters:

  • Suzan Campion had looked through the finances on the agenda and was concerned about the cost of the laptop. The Clerk explained that the Parish Council had included the purchase of a laptop in their budget for this. The total cost on the agenda included the purchase of office 2016 as laptops do not come preloaded with the running packages. The cost also included the Vat which the Parish Council can claim back at the end of the year.
  • Kay Baston commented on item 10 on the agenda, this was in relation to Hilton Harrier using the Back Lane football pitch as their second option. She explained that at The Mease they have room for 2 football pitches but only use.
  • John Watson explained that his wife had sent an email out with regards to the Open Space Consultation.
  • John Carter explained that he had been in correspondence with the Clerk and DCC in relation to footpath number 7 at Blakelow Farm. He explained that he was concerned from looking at the maps of the area that the current occupiers had requisitioned a piece of road and put gates across to stop access. He was quite happy to let the process take its course.


Minute Number 2008/17/B – Police Representatives Report


There were no Police Representative present at the meeting and there was nothing to report.


Minute Number 2008/17/C – County Council Representatives Report.


The Clerk reminded Cllr Patten and Cllr Plenderleith to email their reports to her to be added to the minutes.


Cllr Patten was present at the meeting and gave her report on the following matters:

  • She updated the resident with concerns about footpath number 7.
  • Update on Highway issues Derby Road and Main Street including road cushions on Main Street and the crossing
  • For sale signs for the developers being dealt with
  • House on Main Street putting out road cones being dealt with
  • Weight concerns on Sutton Lane and turning right towards the Salt Box
  • Vegetation obstruction road signs have been cut back


Minute Number 2008/17/D – District Council Representatives Report


Cllr Plenderleith was present at the meeting and gave her report on the following matters:

  • Car Park Witham Close and the junction repairs
  • Traveller Site on Sutton Lane and the number of caravans and the amenity block
  • Public Consultation at Hilton Village Hall on 29.06.2017
  • Full SDDC Council Meeting on 29.06.2017 at 6pm, to look at amending the Local Plan


  1. Minute Number 2009/17 – Chairpersons Report


The Chair gave his report as follows:

  • He thanked everyone who attended the Safer Neighbourhoods Meeting held on 12.06.2017. He reported that good comments and information had been received. He encouraged everyone to attend the next meeting when advertised.
  • He wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the SDDC planning consultation to be held at Hilton Village Hall on 29.06.2017, commencing at 3.30pm.


  1. Minute Number 2010/17 – Completion of the Declaration of Acceptance of Office for Cllr Cuddington and Cllr Brundish and the completion of any amendments to the Register of Members Interests not completed at the Annual Parish Council meeting.


Resolved: Cllr Cuddington and Cllr Brundish took a declaration of acceptance of office before the Clerk and signed the appropriate Declaration of Acceptance of Office form held by the Clerk.


Resolved: In relation to the Register of Members Interest no amendments were required.


  1. Minute Number 2011/17 – To confirm the minutes of the Annual/Monthly minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on 31st May 2017.


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved that the Minutes of the Hilton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 31st May 2017, having been circulated were approved and signed as a true record.


  1. Minute Number 2012/17 – Committee Reports


  1. Minute Number 2012/17/A – Community Services – To be discussed in the full Parish Council Meeting
  • Community Information and Publicity.

There was nothing to report.


  1. Minute Number 2012/17/B – Finance – All Councillors and the Clerk to Hilton Parish Council to sit on this committee


  • Fees for the use of Parish Council Facilities
  • Suggested Amount of Annual Precept
  • Regular Scrutiny of the Accounts
  • Audit of the end of year Financial Accounts

There was nothing to report.


  1. Minute Number 2012/17/C – Environment and Green Space To be discussed in the full Parish Council Meeting


  • Maintenance of Public Footpaths, Cycle Paths, Greenway, Verges, Open Space, Trees and Hedges
  • Environmental Issues
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Dog and Litter Bin Provisions
  • Groundsman/Lengthsman’s Report

There was nothing to report.


  1. Minute Number 2012/17/D – Village Infrastructure – To be discussed in the full Parish Council meeting


  • Planning matters including the Village Plan
  • New Road Adoptions
  • Traffic Management and Parking


For information, the Clerk reported that parking issues were the responsibility of the Civil Enforcement Officer’s (CEO’s) at Derbyshire County Council (DCC) as follows:


CEO’s can enforce


waiting restrictions on double/single yellow lines

loading restrictions including loading bays

parking in front of dropped kerbs

double parking

urban clearways

parking bays for specific users

pay and display parking bays

permit and residents parking zones

disabled parking bays.

They do not enforce moving traffic offences such as banned turns, bus lanes, box junctions. And, for the time being, they will not be clamping or towing away vehicles.


To contact the CEO’s email or telephone 01629538671 or


It may also be useful to look at their website which details what they and the police can enforce.


  • Street Lighting
  • Public Transport Provision


  1. Minute Number 2012/17/E – Recreation and Leisure – To be discussed in the full Parish Council meeting


  • Provision and maintenance of sport and leisure facilities, Parish Council Office and Garages
  • Children play equipment
  • Parish Council owned Parks and Landscaping

There was nothing to report.


  1. Minute Number 2013/17 – Reports from Councillors that have attended any other Meetings.
  • Etwall Area Meeting & Safer Neighbourhoods – The Chair and Vice Chair

The Chair gave his report as follows:


  • Chair’s Introductions


A Vice Chair is required for the coming year to then take over as Chair


  • Minutes




  • Sergeants Overview – PC Joe Stafford


Wider area

moped for moped speeding

9 cannabis offences

Shop lifter

2 dangerous dog offences

5 people around the village hall been given ASB 2 year conditional orders.



Warrant for drugs.

Stolen motorbike, offender caught.

Male arrested after information from the public



Dog offence

Camper van stolen

Female for burglary and fraud.

Male for driving off without paying.


Driving Offences

A50 drunk driver

A50 drunk driver and crash.

Hilton drunk driver.

Seized 11 vehicles with tax and insurance.

4 offences with mobile phones.


  • Partnership Update


Reports of a rogue trader in a red van in Hatton so would urge people to use trust a trader on the SDDC website.


Over 300 people went to Liberation Day.


There is £4k funding available for security projects again this year. Contact the team if you have any projects or need help to submit them.


  • Local Issues Forum



Area around John Port School. Children smoking, dropping chewing gum and being abusive.


Stealing from allotments in Etwall.


Well Dressing weekend parking was an issue and could more be done next year.



Derby Road speeding and overweight lorries was raised by a resident.

Note number plates and report lorry’s to trading standards best action.

Could better signs be put up. County.

Community Speed Watch could be set up. Need 4 to 6 people but can only be done on 30mph roads.


Parking at the School on Peacroft Lane was raised by a resident.


If any incidents happen please do not post them on Facebook but report them to the 101 number so they are recorded and action can be taken. Go down to the office, e-mail with any photo’s. Do not post them on social media. There will be a website up and running soon it is hoped.



The roadwork speed restriction to 40 mph had made it a lot easier to get out the junction with the main road. Could this be made permanent. Needs to be addressed to county.


  • Agreed Priorities


No new priorities continue to address business as usual.


  • Next Meeting


TBC – Probably in three months.


Area Forum



  • PCC Update – Hardya Dhindsa


He is meeting all the villages in Derbyshire approx. 300.


The role of the PCC is to employ the Chief Constable, sort out the budget for policing and so that appropriate resources can be allocated where required.


There is a full report on the Police and Crime Commissioner website that can be accessed by anyone which includes the 7 pledges that he has made that are his priorities.


Derbyshire alert is being re-started for neighbourhood watches but they need to sign up again for it.


A rural crime team has been set up to try and address that form of crime as it is a real problem in areas such as ours.


He opened up to questions

He was asked about waiting times on the 101 reporting line.

The 101 number has had problems but it is being improved with average answer times down to 80 seconds so please continue to use it.


He was asked about the number of PCSO’s and could we have more as they were very stretched.

Cuts have meant we have lost officers and he has written to the home secretary, Amber Rudd to raise these issues and request more funding. He hopes that now the election is over that it will be raised up the agenda.


The fatality on main street was raised by a resident.

He will help if he can to address concerns but more often it is down to the County Council and Highways.

Can the Parish Council send him a copy of the letter we sent to the County Council.


He will come back to Hilton as this meeting was meant to be for Etwall.


  • Announcements


3 planning documents are out on consultation at present.

They are available in Swadlincote, libraries and there are drop in sessions.


Hilton drop in session is on the 29th June at Hilton Village Hall 3:30 – 7:30.


Physical Activity document to be adopted by June 14th.


Enforcement activity Briefing June 2017

Dennis Bateman talked through a chart showing information on the topic of enforcement.


Fly tipping has been reported and addressed in Hilton over the last few months with 6 instances.


Legal interventions were another topic discussed. Community Warning and Protection were having big effect at tackling issues that arose. In most cases a warning was sufficient to rectify issues before protection orders.


  • Minutes




  • Report Back


Street Lights have been fixed in Hatton. There is a backlog as only one person is fixing them.


Pothole in Hatton has now been fixed and filled.


Letter sent to Paul Jameson at county thanking him for his support at previous meetings from the County Council.

Was requested that as there has now been a change in the administration at Matlock could a representative be sent to the meetings again.


Burnaston Wheelie bin has now been added to the bin round and confirmed has been emptied.


  • Public Questions


Numerous A frames pre and post roadworks seem to be left by the roadside.


Gutter weedkilling doesn’t seem to happen anymore

It is still done but will also take back to the County Council for further funding.


Egg boxes not being recycled.

Very disappointed that the contractor made a unilateral decision without speaking to the council. Frank McArdle will be meeting the contractor and telling them that it was unacceptable to do that without notice.


A516 Vegetation by roadworks was covering the roadwork signs. To be taken to next liaison meeting.


Grass cutting at Dalbury Lees was discussed and funding for doing it rather than paying the Council for carrying it out.  It must be economically viable across the district but Frank will look into it.


Weight Signage for Lorries at both ends of Main Street raised and making it 30mph from the Islands at each end of the Village.

Need to be taken to County.


  • District Council Issues


New signage for Etwall Leisure Centre Car Parking was being installed to try and stop parking on the road.


Election went very well with the following stats

65k voters

52k voted

14k Postal Voters

11k Postal Votes Received

69% Turnout


Cllr Cooper raised the issue of the Derby Road Development and Housing in Hilton in general with lack of infrastructure.
Frank believed that the planners did a very good job in difficult circumstances but had to deliver so many houses around the district.


A resident raised the issue of the second school in Hilton being built after the houses.

Frank believed that this was something the County Council may look into and could possibly object to the building of the houses until the school was built.


  • Next MeetingTBC – Probably in three months.


  • Toyota Liaison – The Chair and Vice Chair

There was nothing to report.


  • The Mease Management Committee – Cllr Brundish

Cllr Brundish gave his report as follows:

  • The Mease Committee would be holding a Cry Cardiac Risk in Young People event on 12.08.2017, this will be a fundraising day. The event will be free but they will be asking for donations of £20.00.
  • They have asked about becoming a Blood Donation Centre, however they have been turned down because they had one room too few.
  • They were waiting for 106 monies for the car park works.
  • They were looking into land for sale forming part of the land for the Marston Hall Estate, this would be with the view of having another field.
  • On another note, he reported that he witnessed a road collision 2 weeks ago from the west bound A50 exit, a car went around the wrong way and crashed into the back of another vehicle. He had spoken to the Police and this had happened five times in the last 6 weeks.


  • Marston on Dove Relief in Need Charity – To nominate a representative as required

There was nothing to report.


  • Hilton Dog Walking Group – To nominate a representative as required

There was nothing to report.


  • Flood Liaison – To nominate a representative as required

There was nothing to report.


  • DCC – Parish and Town Liaison Forum – To nominate a representative as required

There was nothing to report.


  • SDDC – Joint Meetings with Parish Councils – To nominate a representative as required

There was nothing to report.


  • EMIP updates

There was nothing to report.

  • Party on the Park

The Clerk reported that she had emailed a copy of the height barrier undertaking to Pete Holmes to complete, once this is received back she asked if Hilton Parish Council were happy for her to give Peter Holmes the height barrier code and the code for the Astro Turf and Back Lane Pavilion for use at Party on the Park.


The Clerk asked if Hilton Parish Council was also happy for the bollard keys to be given to the Caretaker at Hilton Village Hall, he would put the bollards down on the morning of Party on the Park. Peter Holmes had already been shown how to lock the bollards at the end of the event.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed to the Clerk giving Peter Holmes the codes to the Height Barrier, Astro Turf and Pavilion. They also agreed to the Caretaker at the Village Hall opening the bollards on the morning of Party on the Park.


  1. Minute Number 2014/17 – Clerk’s Reports


  1. Request for Hilton Parish Council to lease the Memorial Meadow on a long-term Lease Agreement – Previously reported under minute number 1130/17, 1149/17, 1171/17, 1196/17

There was nothing to report.


  1. Trent Barton Bus Company update – Previously reported under minute number 1149/17, 1171/17, 1196/17


The Clerk reported that she had emailed Arriva Bus Company, Midland Classic and Notts & Derby’s Bus Service to see if they would be interested in running a bus service for Hilton. Arriva was the only company that to date had bothered to reply but unfortunately, they would not be interested in offering a service in this area.


The Clerk reported that she had received a reply from Heather Wheeler MP which read as follows:


Extract of letter:


Thank you for copying me into your email dated 19.05.2017 regarding the recent change to the Villager Bus Services. I apologies for the short delay in responding.


I can confirm that I have written to the Department of Transport and the Senior Traffic Commissioner and the Traffic Commissioner for the east of England asking for their guidance on this matter. I have specifically asked for clarification as to why Trent Barton is able to justify changes to the routes by making punctuality a priority over providing a service through the streets and villages that residents of South Derbyshire have asked for.


I will let you know when I receive a response.


  1. Isis Way name change consultation – Previously reported under minute number 1196/17


The Clerk thanked Cllr Hall for hand delivering the questionnaires to each household on Isis Way.


The Clerk reported that she had only received back a handful of the questionnaires sent out to the residents effected as follows:

  • 5 against a name change – most included comments as to why the name should not be changed including, they had not had any issues with the name, it would be giving into terrorists, only people voting to change the name should be asked to pay the costs, fear of the name only creates more fear, the street was named after a river and it would reduce credit scores for people effected. This list is not exhaustive.
  • 2 in favor of a name change – There was only one comment received, which related to a sign being required stating it was a dead end to stop people turning around.


She had also received correspondence from the Managing Director of Don Amott Caravans & Motorhomes asking if Don Amott Way could be considered as a suitable new street name if it was agreed to change the name.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed, that in light of the lack of response to the informal consultation, this matter would not be taken any further.


  1. Main Street – Petition update to urge DCC to make road safety improvements – Previously reported under minute number 1196/17


The Clerk thanked Cllr Hall for putting the petition in the local shops and for collecting them up again and handing them to the Clerk on the day of this meeting.


The Clerk reported that to date there had been roughly 254 signatories on petitions returned. She had also received some blank forms back as a few residents were not happy to sign them with the current wording relating to the suggestion of closing Main Street off one end. The Clerk explained that these were just suggestions and were not set in stone. Any alterations on Main Street would be the decision of DCC.


The Clerk reported that she had written to the Highways Department at DCC and had received the following reply:


Extract of reply:


Firstly, we would like to assure you that the safety of Derbyshire road users remains of paramount importance to the County Council as the local Highway Authority. Indeed, it is a fundamental remit of all Highway Authorities to take effective action to reduce the number of people being killed and injured on the roads they are responsible for.


We really do appreciate the concerns you have raised and obviously someone losing their life is always traumatic for everyone involved and we can assure you that both the Police and the Highway Authority work together to investigate when collisions do occur to prevent further injury or loss of life. Initial discussions with the Police and Highway Authority to identify the causation of this terrible road traffic collision show that the causation cannot be attributed to the highway layout and could have happened regardless of what engineering measures were in place. Aside from this isolated incident the Police database of recorded injury collisions show only one other recorded in April 2016, where a pedestrian walked across the front of a parked bus (details of why are unknown) into the path of a vehicle causing very minor collision.


For your information, we are currently holding discussions with Cllr Julie Patten regarding a number of issues in Hilton, of which Main Street is one of the locations being looked at. It might be worth contacting Cllr Patten with the Parish Council’s concerns so she can raise them during these discussions.


  1. Neighbourhood Planning – Previously reported under minute number 1149/17, 1171/17, 1196/17


The Clerk thanked Cllr Cuddington for attending the DALC Neighbourhood Plan Training and handed over to Cllr Cuddington to give his report as follows:


  • The trainer on the day was a gentleman who thinks Neighbourhood Development Plans are a good idea.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan does not just have to cover the existing parish, but it can include the surrounding area or parishes.
  • Marston on Dove does not have a Parish Council and this could easily be included in Hilton’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • There will be a Public Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting on 28.07.2017 at The Mease Pavilion commencing at 7pm. The aim of Hilton Parish Council is to put a steering group together to carry this project forward. If we obtain a positive response to the Public Meeting, once we commit it will be the responsibility of Hilton Parish Council.
  • He would like to see Hilton Parish Council as a group take more positions and support more policies in the future. He appreciated that the Parish Council does not really have any powers but it would show leadership for the community.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that the Terms of Reference for the Steering Group should be agreed and approved at the Public Meeting to be held on 28.07.2017.


  1. Replacement of the Village Clock

The Clerk reported that she had the original quote and had asked 2 other companies to quote for a replacement clock, she hoped to have these in by the July 2017 Parish Council Meeting for approval.


  1. South Derbyshire Planning Consultation to be held on 29.06.2017 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 3.30pm to 7.30pm

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council gave Cllr Cuddington delegated powers to complete the questionnaire on behalf of Hilton Parish Council. It was agreed that once completed the final version would be emailed to all Councillors for approval via email.

Resolved: The Clerk to email a resident’s comments to the consultation to Cllr Cuddington so that these can be included in the Parish Councils response.


  1. Request to remove the bench and lighting from the entrance to Soar Close from the Back Lane Football Pitch.


The Clerk reported that she had received an email from a resident on Soar Close that was having problems with anti-social behavior relating to a bench and lighting column near to their property. She explained that the resident could not open her doors and window due to noise and the smell of drugs, their children could not play in the garden as items were being thrown over the fence. When the resident speaks with the youth they just get back abuse. The Clerk reported that the resident had requested that the bench and lighting column be removed as soon as possible.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that the bench is used by people for its correct purpose and it would be unfair to remove the bench for this reason.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that the lighting column had been installed for safety and security of the site and could not be removed for this reason.

Resolved: Hilton parish Council agreed that removing the bench would move the problem elsewhere rather than solve the issue. Anti-Social behaviour was a Police matter and the Police should be dealing with this problem.

Resolved: The Clerk to inform the resident of the Parish Council’s decision and ask the resident to call the problems into the Police every time they occur. This way the Police will build up evidence that there is an anti-social behaviour problem on the site and can then act on this to resolve the problem.


  1. Hilton Youth Group – ratification for a climbing wall 03.08.2017 and peddle karting on 24.08.2017 during the summer holidays provided by DCC

Resolved; Hilton Parish Council agreed for the Youth Group to have a climbing wall on 03.08.2017 and karting on 24.08.2017 during the school holidays.


  1. Hilton Harriers – Request to name the Back Lane Football Pitch as their second pitch when home matches clash.

Resolved: Hilton Parish Council agreed that Hilton Harriers could name the Back Lane Football Pitch as a second pitch when home matches clashed.


  1. Minute Number 2015/17 – Derbyshire Association of Local Councils


There was nothing to report.


  1. Minute Number 2016/17 – Finance


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved the following payments including the addition of cheque number 003147 and the card payment to AVG:


  1. Accounts for Payment.


003136 DALC Councillor Training 1 Delegate 40.00
003137 Hilton Village Hall Room Hire and electricity Sub Meter Charge 98.88
003138 Zurich Municipal Insurance Cover 2017/2018 4,839.01
003140 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Maintenance Village Hall Site, Roma’s Garden, The Green, spike two football pitches 913.25
003141 Atlas Janitorial Cleaning supplies for the Back Lane Pavilion 6.47
003142 Cromwell PPE 192.42
003143 Robert Lewis Signs Ltd Hilton Parish Council Car Park sign 264.00
003144 Heritage Wood Plaque 50.00
003145 R Massey and Son Ltd Various items including grass seed, pad locks, coach bolts 191.34
003146 Sterilizing Services Ltd Water Testing Parish Council Office and Back Lane Pavilion 166.18
003147 Aucuba Landscapes Ltd Football Pitch Maintenance and Roma’s garden maintenance 964.27
Card Firs Farm Nursery Bedding Plants for the Village Hall Planters and Main Street Car Park Planters 34.80
Card Curry’s, & Argos Laptop and accessories 813.92
Card AVG AVG Subscription AVG Secure VPN 35.88


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council approved the following payments:


  1. Payments by BACS for Salaries, Tax, NIC’s, Expenses, Pension – including Chq 003139 for the Inland Revenue.


Description                                                                                                              Amount        

Salaries, Tax NICs, Expenses etc.                                                                                    8,193.94

NEST Staff Pension                                                                                                            617.30

  1. Minute Number 2017/17 – Items for Information


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council noted the following information:


  1. SDDC – Press release –Festival provides positive steps
  2. SDDC – Press release – Take the chance to discover a local shopping sensation this month
  3. SDDC – Press release – Agreement to ensure food safety
  4. SDDC – Press release – Breastfeeding is just a walk in the park
  5. SDDC – Press release – Timely reminder to area’s recycling army
  6. SDDC – Press release – Breastfeeding mums do brunch
  7. National Clean Air Day 15.06.2017
  8. SDDC – Press release – Have a sizzling and safe summer with top food advice
  9. Chance to be part of the carnival fun
  10. Fascinating facts waiting to be discovered on guided walk
  11. Get Active in the Forest – Lead the Way – Volunteer with your local Walking for Health Scheme in South Derbyshire every Monday from 10.30am to 11.30am meeting at Hilton Brook Pub. The next leader walk training will take place on 26.07.2017. Please email Tor Adams for details tor@roslistonforestrycentre,co,uk or telephone 01283 563483


  1. Minute Number 2018/17 – Planning Matters for Decision



Resolved: Hilton Parish Council has no objections to the above planning application.



Resolved: Hilton Parish Council has no objections to the above planning application.



Resolved: Hilton Parish Council objected to the above planning application on the following grounds:

  • The development is not within keeping of the property.
  • The development was deemed too large, overbearing and far too excessive within the location at the side of the property.



Resolved: Hilton Parish Council has no objections to the above planning application.


  1. Minute Number 2019/17 – Planning Matters for Information


Resolved: Hilton Parish Council noted the following information:




  1. Minute Number 2020/17 – To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the Public.


Resolved: In view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, it was advisable in the public interest, that the press and public be temporarily excluded and were instructed to withdraw from the meeting.


  1. Minute Number 2021/17 – Adventure Play Area and Gym Equipment – Contracts and Funding – Previously reported under minute number 1139/17, 1158/17, 1180/17, 2003/17


There was nothing to report.


  1. Minuet Number 2022/17 – Date of the next meeting


Resolved: The date of the next Hilton Parish Council Meeting was confirmed as 26th July 2017 at Hilton Village Hall commencing at 7pm for the monthly meeting of Hilton Parish Council.


Resolved: The date of the Public Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting was confirmed as Friday 28.07.2017 at The Mease Football Pavilion, commencing at 7pm



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